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  1. The only name possible if it moves to VA is the Norfolk Kingways, because there's Norfolk Kingway way it's going to work.
  2. 1. The guy uses Mike Stanhope's helmet site, which doesn't show said helmet. 2. I've seen helmets like this used by Lawrence University in Appleton (also the Vikings) in the 1970s, but those were in blue and white with no gold. 3. It's a modern helmet, not a game-used one; note the triangle-R Riddell logo at the back.
  3. DrBear


    The only one I can vouch for - photo in Sports Illustrated - was "Channel"
  4. My suggestion had been the Eau Claire Hammers, in honor of Hank Aaron. Aaron played his first minor league season in Eau Claire, a Braves affiliate at the time, and there's a bust of Aaron atrr Carson Park where the Express will play. Also lends itself to a nice Braves-style script with a sledgehammer below it.
  5. Unless they play in England Or Canada, I guess. You forgot Poland!
  6. I live in Green Bay. I work for a newspaper that covers the team. The Packers have not worn that yellow jersey. Ever. They don't even wear yellow jerseys in practice, just plain green and white (and red for the QBS so Brett doesn't get hurt).
  7. In case U missed it, there are three good quick=time movies on the site as well... two short ones showing off the logo changes, one with the evolution of the tiger, the other just showing a change from one to the other... the third, "tunnel walk," is a nicely inspirational vid listing all the cats' Grey Cups and looks like something they show before kickoff at the stadium.
  8. Looks good - I would imagine instead of the DC patch they would have some sort of special "First Year" patch for 05.
  9. *original post deleted* BIRGELFLICKEL! Would rather have seen This logo used on that icon bar but it might have been too busy for the small size.
  10. The only two facilities that will be new and then go to pro sports are the new Olympic Stadium on the West Side of Manhattan (will become the Jets' new stadium and be part of a convention center, sort of like the domes in Indy and St. Louis) and the proposed Brooklyn arena (for the moved Nets). However, Yankee Stadium is listed as the site for baseball so it would probably get a good fixup.
  11. It it just me being PC or is the NCAA going to get in trouble someday for not putting MEN'S on that F4 logo when it's putting WOMEN'S on the other one?
  12. Oh, and the ball is going down and to the left...down and to the left....down and...sorry, "JFK" flashback there. Shouldn't the ball be headed downfield and into the air rather than back at the quarterback on some self-inflicted bombing mission? (See the Flint Flames and Green Bay Bombers logos at the Logoserver site for some idea of how it could have done with a small amount of talent. And I do mean small.
  13. Part of the problem is that Field Turf apparently doesn't work well with painted logos. When Wisconsin installed the stuff in 2003 as part of the Camp Randall Stadium renovation, it ordered its field done with red end zones (as had been the case with the old turf) and a red 'Motion W' at midfield (ditto). However, to make it look good, the Field Turf makers actually make red or white plastic grass and sew it in, much as numbers are sewn onto a jersey. And they couldn't make any red "grass" in time for the 2003 season, so the Badgers went with a no-logo field and white diagonal stripes (like Notre Dame and the one end zone in Pittsburgh) for the season, then installed the new logo and end zones this year. The yard lines and numbers are also white fake grass. All of which is much sharper looking than paint.
  14. With the talent in this forum, maybe somebody can work on this idea... A design for the new Washington team based on the color scheme (royal blue with very light blue and gold accents) of Air Force One, using lettering similar to the United States of America across the side of the plane. Air Force One image For the cap, an interlocking gold DC on a dark blue cap with the DC surrounded by stars as in the presidential seal. "swooshes" down the sleeve that echo the striping on the plane's nose or tail, whichever works better. Anybody want to take a shot?
  15. The design is nice, and if it looks like a boob, well, so does the dome of the Capitol. But MLB will never allow that Expos-To-DC logo. Once they get a name for the team Montreal will be erased from the official memory.
  16. Hey, they're a baseball team. It's so obvious: The D.C. Nine.