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  1. Well, not since Mike Utley, anyway...
  2. Western Carolina will have one - not released yet. It will be Aug. 13. But some interesting sidelights to it - They're putting in new artificial turf in a hurry, so they can have the new logo on the field A history of the Catamounts' logo...including a couple apparently done by the Remedial Art classes.
  3. Of course, by now they'd have changed their logo to Homer Simpson dribbling* and called the team the Milwaukee D'ohs! *and I don't mean a basketball
  4. Well, they've had a tone of logos so far - 1. The one with two playing cards and a Jason-style goalie mask 2. The one with the cowboy hiding behind his poker hand (my personal fave and the Gamblers jersey I have) 3. The GB with a spur 4. Now, the Bobcat returneth. Like someone else said, why not just change the name to the Bobcats? Gotta love this old program cover tho... /There are only two things that come out of St. Paul - steers and...
  5. (For those of you who aren't old enough,Blood, Sweat and Tears was one of the pioneering jazz-rock bands, first with Al Kooper, then with David Clayton-Thomas - "Spinning Wheel" and "You've Made Me So Very Happy" probably were their biggest hits. And yes, they're still touring.) /saw them in Milwaukee in 1970 //damn I'm old
  6. Hmmm...old logo that many people say was poor...but it's loved by the fans because it was the time when the team was successful and the fans WANT it back.... Ball-in-glove, anyone?
  7. It's history that makes any sports facility special. Lambeau Field - at least until the recent renovation - looks like an overgrown high school stadium, but when you go inside, and recall the five NFL/NFC championship games played there, the Ice Bowl, Brett Favre's career, the Lambeau Leap...well, you get the idea. Same thing for Texas Stadium - I see the stars on the wall and remember Staubach, Clint Longley's Thanksgiving Day miracle, Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith, and so on. It was pretty impressive for 1971, and it didn't age well, but it's where the Cowboys had their best years. (Side note, it was another Texas stadium, the Astrodome, that really created the skyboxes as we know them. Texas Stadium's main contribution was to put them between the decks for a better view, raising the upper deck. (And, since I only went there to cover games, inconveniencing the press by moving it to the rafters, out of the between-decks press box.) My memory of Texas Stadium, however, was covering the end of the 1988 season, when the Packers and Cowboys were the two worst teams in the NFL, and the Packers won to give Dallas the first pick - Troy Aikman, ahead of Tony Mandarich. I also remember it was below freezing on a Dec. 24 day, and the restrooms (except in the private boxes) all had frozen pipes and had to be closed.
  8. I'd suggest Oklahoma City OKs, but that might be too difficult for the owners to spell. Or they could go back to the beginning of the state: The Oklahoma City Indian Land Thieves. Of course, the owners might just be obvious: The Oklahoma City :censored: You Seattles
  9. He not only designed logos but the overall look of the renovated fields. Story from Milwaukee.
  10. Oh crap, the wisconsin one will probably have a farm field with another damn cow.
  11. In Soviet Chicago, WGN watches you!
  12. I remember the Steelers one as it used to be on the scoreboard at Three Rivers Stadium in that park's early years - it would be up when the Steelers played, and the Pirates logo would be up when they played.
  13. Why not the Oklahoma Corral - then they could be the OK Corral...
  14. Ah, but if only the Angels would put the halos back on their caps...
  15. Well, it's obvious UO doesn't have an art school or school of design ... or if it does the players are going nowhere near it.
  16. The Liberty Bell on the ice was Philadelphia's bicentennial logo in 1976 (the 7 was the crack, while the 6 was the bell's clapper)
  17. What, nobody's gonna name the team the Creamerzzez?
  18. The only other time I've heard of one athlete doing this was Babe Didrickson back in the 30s in an AAU meet.
  19. Well, they did say in the article the owners had a promotional deal with a company for the name, it fell through but they kept the name...that could have been the tie in.
  20. Did everyone forget that CBS used to own the Yankees? Now that was a conflict... Also, Dan Snyder of the Redskins owns radio stations in the DC area... As for affil switches, we've had a bunch of them in Green Bay. It started in 81, when WLUK-11 and WFRV-5 swapped ABC (WLUK to WFRV) and NBC. In the mid-80s, WXGZ had the Fox affil, but went bankrupt and WGBA inherited Fox. In the early 90s, CBS bought WFRV and swapped with WBAY-2 (which got AbC). Then in 1994, after Fox got the NFL, an arm of Fox bought WLUK and moved Fox there, with WGBA getting NBC (it took the station two years to institute local news). And I won't even start with the UPN-CW-WB-MyNet stations...
  21. The Buffalo team in the ABA has new owners (there's a surprise) who have promised to keep the team in the same gym for a whole season. That would be an achievement. Here's the story of the team. Their Website only has the team's logo; so here it is, looking like an ABA logo oughta look:
  22. Well, to be appropriate as to how they got the team, they could be the Rustlers, the Absconders, the Carpetbaggers, the Border Jumpers...