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  1. Dear Nationals: We had it first. Neener Neener Boo Boo. Love, the Rangers.
  2. The Wisconsin Flyers, the Ohio Mixers, the Puerto Rico Coquis...
  3. Prince Fielder is scheduled to wear it for the Brewers. He's been wearing baggy 40's-style pants as a Negro League tribute, he says.
  4. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned what might have been the all-time bad idea: When Lamar Hunt moved the Dallas Texans to Kansas City to become the Chiefs, he originally wanted to keep the name Texans. You can imagine how THAT would have gone over. ETA: Look closer, doofus.
  5. The reason for "Bay State Patriots" was that they were moving next to the harness track in Foxboro - the Bay State Raceway. So with the NFL worried about gambling, it had to be nixed. (And I'm sure Green Bay and San Francisco would have grumbled, as would Tampa Bay if it had a team at the time)
  6. Before the Oakland Raiders got their names, they were announced as the Oakland Senors - as in Hola, senor (can't find how to post a tilde). That was the favored greeting of one of the original owners. Even passed out sombreros at the press conference. Imagine Al Davis running the Senors. As for college ... Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix were originally the Bay Badgers; when they advanced to Division II, they held a vote for the current nickname. One of the losers was Killer Tomatoes.
  7. Most golfers aren't wearing pants long enough to cover their shoes and glomming up their caps with pine tar, either.
  8. More like nobody showed up in Memphis - they wanted their own team, and didn't like getting to be a temporary spot for the Oilers.
  9. I seem to be in the minority - I don't like the new Fox Box for baseball, and I didn['t like it for football - just too small, and I'm not going spend $5,000 just to be able to read the score.
  10. The floor comes from Michigan, with a Wisconsin paint job.
  11. Not only the trashbaskets have the curly W on them. Note the bike racks:
  12. Not only that, but with the lighting in the football stadiums and the blue-on-black lettering, they're impossible to read.
  13. I think the best re-use was at Minnesota, where after they built the new Mariucci Arena for hockey, they remodeled the old hockey rink into a volleyball and other sports hall, mostly for women's sports. I also remember a few years ago, Marquette had to host an NIT game and the Bradley Center was booked, so they played in the US Cellular Arena (the old MECCA) across the street, where they played during the Al McGuire era. Lost about 7K in capacity, but that's a great old basketball hall and a lot more fun to be in.
  14. Well, I guess they could put the Ren Cen, the Spirit of Detroit statue, the Joe Louis fist...
  15. And next year, they can mark the 40th anniversary of their 1969 choke.
  16. Oh, it's GREAT for Olympic speedskaters, but for hockey, you'd be sitting several hundred feet away.
  17. If you have checkered Coke bottles lasting more than 4 hours, see a doctor... Seriously, the second logo has the accurate shape of the Daytona track, even if it does have the bigger, uh, bottle.
  18. I think you're remembering the first few years ESPN had Sunday Night football - they had a CGI-animated opening with such things as the Detroit Lion leaping off being a hood ornament and running down field, a coin flipping among the skyscrapers of Chicago, a fly-through of the Packers Hall of Fame, and so on...
  19. I heard she had a bun in the oven...
  20. /quick and dirty, and I didn't draw anything. Which makes me overqualified to design an ABA logo.
  21. For the record: Rice-Eccles holds 45,017 And while I'd love to see all those celebs freezing their asses off at Lambeau, let's take a real look at it: Even if you allow for the lack of a dome at Lambeau - and it can fit 70K - the other areas would kill the idea. About the only chance you'd have is if the NFL stretched the requirements to include Milwaukee. Such as: 1. Hotel rooms - Green Bay has, at most, 5-6,000. There are maybe 10,000 within an hour. 2. Practice facilities - Teams would either have to share the Don Hutson Center barn or one would have to practice in Milwaukee (Miller Park) or Madison (UW's McClain Center). 3. They could use the arena complex across the street - but I don't know what the total square footage is and it might not be enough (there is a small, 5,000-seat hockey arena, a fair-sized exhibition hall and the Resch Center arena, along with a good-sized convention center downtown.) 4. This is do-able - there are large areas near Lambeau that could be used. 5. There is noplace for the SB Sat Nite that could hold that many people other than Lambeau. 6. Again, the Resch Center-Shopko Hall-BC Arena complex could work for this. But seriously, I don't ever see it happening, unless the NFL suddenly turns unpopular.
  22. Mara has another tribute - the NFL ball has the inscription "The Duke" after Mara's nickname. In the Packers' and Bengals' cases, they named the stadium after their founders. That wasn't an option for the Bears (they couldn't even rename Soldier Field after it was redesigned out of existence). As for the Chiefs ... they had an option, and decided to go with the patch. Which fits, because it shows Hunt's biggest achievement - founding the AFL.
  23. The annual story about what happens to those championship clothes that aren't needed.