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  1. Bill Plaschke writes about the logo's designer, Evenson Design Group.
  2. I'm a little surprised to read this - I mean, Milwaukee manages to keep two arenas operating right next to each other, the Bradley Center (Bucks, Admirals, Marquette, concerts) and U.S. Cellular (the old MECCA - UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee Wave, other events). If Milwaukee can do it, I would think a city the size of Philly can.
  3. DrBear


    For some reason I just got hungry for fast-food hamburgers...
  4. Correction: 12 NFL titles for the Packers 1929-30-31-36-39-44 1961-62-65-66-67-96
  5. Actually, didn't the minutemen wear just about anything? Maybe that's a new trend - just send the guys out there in a mixture of jerseys, t-shirts, sweatpants - just like your backyard game!
  6. Green Bay - a really unique case. I don't think you could start a Green Bay from scratch today. And the Packers weren't always successful - the team nearly went bankrupt in the late 40s when competing against the AAFC. It was only after TV and Lambeau Field came in that the team became solid under today's standards. Birmingham probably has TV market issues. LA - they only support winners and they can't find a municipality that will build a stadium. Vegas - if a team goes in there, good-bye betting on games. Portland and SA - again, TV markets. Hartford is part of the Pats/Giants territory. Moving the Pats there might have worked, but no more.
  7. Gee, you think BSPN - which dropped the NHL - is really going to say something good about something it dropped? I'll bet the orders came down from the Chief Mouse at Disney to rip it to shreds. For example, the "bad conditions" comments - how about playing CUP FINALS in the fog in Boston and Buffalo?
  8. 1. Have we all forgotten all those years the Pistons played in the Silverdome? 2. As ideas go, it's a big meh. Maybe if they played on a blacktop court with perforated backboards and chain-link nets... 3. Yes, cutting and pasting a whole article is plagarism. I work for a newspaper and if I did that I would be fired, and rightfully so.
  9. According to photos here, they are. And I'd love to make a red-line pass at Jennifer Hanson.
  10. The ... perfect gift for that would-be groundskeeper and logo fanatic. Probably not usable in Wisconsin in December. (Bonus - photo of logo being stenciled for the Gator Bowl)
  11. Out of curiosity, what do they draw for the HS finals? If it's about 10-20,000, there could be a smaller college stadium somewhere in PA that could handle it. Or why doesn't State College step up - or would JoePa yell at the kids to get off his lawn? (note - in Wisconsin, the finals for seven divisions are held at Camp Randall in Madison, which has Field Turf, over two days. There are maybe 10,000 in the stands. They used to hold them at various small college stadia before putting them all together. Lambeau Field did hold the private school playoff final (the private schools association has folded) back in the 60s but nowadays, forget it.)
  12. Trying to remember where Favre won the Super Bowl...oh yeah, the SuperDOME...
  13. My question is - the game time temperature was 56 - why are the refs wearing cold weather gear?
  14. I got a kick out of all the Dolphins fans griping in the ESPN comments. Haven't they forgotten back in 82 when they won a playoff game (against the Jets, I believe) by "forgetting" the tarp at the Orange Bowl during a monsoon?
  15. The guy on the right seems to be thinking ... "do I keep the goatee or ditch it?"
  16. Maybe they could wear them on S-A-TUR-DAY...NIGHT!
  17. Well, Estrada won't be using it anymore
  18. Which, by the way, I'm now using as an avatar: From the G.B. Press-Gannett.
  19. The Rapid City Times*: Proud to Hire the Vertically Challenged. *may not be newspaper's real name
  20. From the Journal Sentinel today: "On Jan. 12 the Admirals will celebrate Brewers Night. Players will wear special uniforms reminiscent of the Brewers' retro uniforms from the 1980s." (if you don't know, the two teams have close ties that are described in this blog post.)
  21. Not only that - but I had forgotten that cheezy music... And note to youngsters - yes, that is Ron Jaworski of Monday Night Football quarterbacking for the Iggles.
  22. Just a thought - could it be that Allen's face mask was broken during the week and a replacement (black) mask was available from some other team's helmet? By that time few teams were wearing gray, so it might have been easier for the equipment people to ask around to see if there was a mask that would fit in Allen's favorite style.
  23. The new UW-Green Bay women's uniforms: The major change is the use of the new GREEN BAY wordmark and a simpler overall design similar to the men's unis, which did not change this year. I don't know if, like the men's unis, the women's have PHOENIX stamped on the rear end.
  24. Splitting Trojans into TroJans makes it look even more like it could be OhioState