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  1. The same company also rebranded the Romanian Cup logo last year: https://www.brandient.com/romanian-football-federation/
  2. http://frf.ro/comunicate/comunicate-frf/frf-a-lansat-prima-identitate-de-brand-din-istoria-echipei-nationale-de-fotbal-a-romaniei-id23172.html Here is the coat of arms of Romania for reference Each image represents one of the five regions of Romania.
  3. Steaua Bucharest 2016-17 New Away Kit (in action this past weekend). Apparently it was designed with the 1986 Champions League final kit in mind. This year marks the 30 year anniversary of Steaua lifting the trophy. Not a bad effort but the logo is an abomination that just won't stop and as it normally the case with Steaua kits, the font could use A LOT of work.
  4. I was browsing wiki the other day looking at the upcoming seasons in the various European leagues and their kick-off dates. I have to believe that from top to bottom, the Romanian Liga 1 has to be one of the worst, if not THE worst collection of team logos I have ever season. Most look like they were put together on Paint. That just makes me sad.
  5. marble21, the army is trying to get a payday and in the process they have ruined the club's identity and started a very fiery chain of events that has led to both organized fan groups declaring they will not be attending matches until the situation is resolved. Nobody wins from this. It's another black eye for sports in Romania in an endless series of scandals and bs. mcrosby, I really like your concepts, especially the second one. I would change it somehow to have the name stand out more and I'd also like to see it with a border around it. I love how you've blended the last 40 years of logos though into once concept.
  6. Back in the December this happened: http://news.sportslogos.net/2014/12/11/steaua-bucharest-lose-rights-to-identity-trademark-court-ruling/ No deal has been reached and as of yesterday the club started using this Paint made monstrosity on their Facebook page a few days ago: The club claims that "FCSB" and Steaua are the same brand and always have been but the organized supporters groups are not satisfied and want the traditional logo back. While not the best logo in the world, this badge represents the history of the club. The biggest achievements in its history happened while wearing this badge between 1974-1991 (1986 European Champions Cup winners, 1986 European SuperCup winners,1988 ECC semifinalist, 1989 ECC finalist, many Romanian domestic league and cup titles) and then again from 2003 until present day (until this mess started). As far as I know, this is a completely unprecentented situation and it is leading to the complete distruction of the greatest brand in Romanian sporting history. As a life long Steaua supporter and a logo enthusiast this is pretty much my worst nightmare. I have zero belief that the inept leadership of my club will resolve this issue. Our owner and GM are both in jail for corruption charges (owner - post revolution land dealings, GM - player transfer corruption and tax evasion when he was GM at another club). Couple all of that with the general ineptitude of Romanian bureocracy and culture of corruption and I only see a grim outcome to all of this. I lived in Bucharest, Romania until I was 12 and moved to Charlotte, NC after that. I was so excited when Charlotte regained the Hornets identity. This is basically the complete opposite.
  7. I like it as a concept but the club and the army better figure out this mess. It's a disgrace. They are making a mockery of the most important brand in Romania sport, heck in Romanian anything!
  8. I agree! I love what they have done branding wise so far! I'm looking forward to seeing the whole kit and the away kit as well. Maybe white shorts will blue and gold trim and navy socks with gold adidas stripes at the top?
  9. The leak happened with the release of this video by USL By the way, also a nice rebrand by them!
  10. Whoever runs their account has a sense of humor. The logo leaked (with the USL rebrand that was announced today) and so the Charlotte Independence account wanted to have some fun with the fans. The leak is indeed the official logo and it will be announced at a team event tomorrow along with stadium information, ticketing, jerseys and other misc stuff.
  11. It leaked! I like it, very sharp for a USL logo. I'm not a big fan of the crown/soccer ball thing at the top as a design element. I think it ends up looking like neither. The "lightning bolt dirt" under Captain Jack could be confusing as well. Overall though I really like it and while the name is a mouthful I love how it incorporates the history of the city. I hope Charlotte will really get behind these guys and maybe in the near future we can see the Independence face the Union or the Revolution in MLS.
  12. That is indeed the case. The word is that the colorized version will be primarily navy and tan (not sure what happened to the burgundy).
  13. http://www.crowntownsoccer.com/queen-city-soccer-club-registers-trademark-on-logo-updates-website/
  14. http://charlotteindependence.com/ Official unveiling scheduled for February 11. You can see they've made some small changes to the fan winner based on the different edges being shorter/rounder etc. Hopefully they made the "CHARLOTTE" font bigger.
  15. You are a gentleman, a scholar and a pro athlete! Those look fantastic! Thank you so much.