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  1. Whatever you want to call the color miami is wearing, it's hard to distinguish it from what Dallas is wearing. Especially when the camera is panned out.
  2. The lack of contrast between Miami's color vs. white on TV, especially when panned out, makes my eyes hurt.
  3. If those would happen to be real, they're hideous.
  4. It's like someone took a look at the new Super Bowl logo and thought "that needs to be dulled down a bit"/.
  5. Looks like they opened up Microsoft Office 1997 and chose the first four clip art selections.
  6. The next time the NCAA is consistent will be the first. These need to be outlawed immediately.
  7. Notre Dame's unis tonight are atrocious.
  8. Supposedly they'll be wearing the name of their branch of the military of choice above their number.
  9. Apparently these weren't designed by Nike and aren't Pro-Combat, they were designed by Iowa. Doesn't change the fact that it sucks. Also, it's being displayed in the largest sporting goods store in Iowa City. I don't really think they're trying to keep it under wraps anymore.
  10. Iowa didn't wear a throwback in 2011, so not sure what "garbage they had last year" you're referring to.
  11. No. It's their Pro-Combat for their game vs. Purdue. Numbers look like garbage.
  12. @HawkeyeReport Iowa will have special pro combat nike jerseys for game later this year according to vandenberg. Military theme to it. marcmorehouse ‏@marcmorehouse ?Silver jersey, silver pants, black cleats.?