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  1. I'm completely ecstatic about the logo change back to the modified original. Can't wait to get my hands on some merchandise. Also a big fan of the return to use of the pavilion logos...although the new ones feel a bit out of place for the most part.
  2. I really dig the Houston and NY logos.
  3. Love the move. Navy and gold are a really boring combination, sports-wise.
  4. I could have gotten behind Saints Color Rush unis vs Rams throwbacks....but damn do I hate the black-on-black.
  5. Looks great. The one thing that stands out to me is the baseball. It just seems forced on top of the anchor and could use some reworking to have it better integrated, IMO.
  6. Looks like the black colleges website lifted the tiger head logo they're using on the Grambling State shirts right from Tin Roof Brewing's Bayou Bengal beer.
  7. Nicholls State (FCS) locked up the Southland Conference auto-bid tonight by demolishing rival Southeastern Louisiana 44-0.
  8. So a local young professionals group decided that an unincorporated suburb of New Orleans needed a flag. The Jefferson Chamber Young Professionals unveiled their flag for Metairie - an unincorporated area on the east bank of the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish (county for everyone else int he country). From the linked article below:
  9. The helmet is easily the least offensive element of the uniform. My comment was aimed specifically at the school's insistence on trying to shoehorn black/gray into their uniform rotation.
  10. So, so, soooooooooooooooooo bad. Why do they insist on ruining such a great look??
  11. Adding back the Pelicans-on-bat jersey is the right move.
  12. I hate them....along with those disgusting helmets. Just a straight garnet shell would have been so much better.
  13. Maybe this embarrassing performance will see these unis and helmets relegated to the pages of the history books never to be seen again.
  14. I completely disagree. Being a native New Orleanian, the Angry Wave is the most iconic logo they've ever had. I welcome all things Angry Wave. And, yes, they've replaced the wave T logo at midfield with the angry wave.
  15. Georgia Tech isn't on any LSU schedule for the foreseeable future according to
  16. I think if it were just the use of a maple leaf and star, it could be deemed as "coincidence." However, given the manner and style in which the two elements were combined, I think it HAS to be taken as much more than that.
  17. I casually follow NOLA Gold (I hate that name). I wanted to make it out to a match or 2 this season but it just flew by. I'm hoping the first season was successful enough that the franchise keeps going.
  18. They have a GOLD drop shadow....but the point was that neither the NOB or numbers have the second drop shadow (which is navy) that the wordmark does on the front of the jersey. So, why does the wordmark have it?