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  1. hahaha ok thanks for the critique of my opinion, but I am entitled to one. I can appreciate the fact that you try to support those who do not design well, but from my experience the only thing that motivates you is the reality that critisizm can bring. You can't sit there and tell me this logo is up to par with the current Pats logo, nevermind an improvment.

    In a world where everyone claims to know photoshop and illustrator, and anyone is a graphic designer, I am truly sorry but I have to call bull:censored:. There is a learning curve in design, and practice needed to put out such professional logos as we have these days, but I feel the need to express my opinion bluntly.

    So don't get mad that I blasted your internet buddy about a poor design. I'm sure some of us have great and distinguished design jobs Mr. Avenger, but don't sweat a little dose of reality for those trying to act as if they are in a higher class of design as we may have.

    I mean no ill-will to anyone personally but bad design is something you have to learn to appreciate the good ones.

    i never said it was up to par or an improvement...just a design....


    i guess ill kill this one.

  2. it was my polite way of saying i dont like it. its cartoonish, too much grey, looks like a train, so on and so forth. now dont start crying since i said that. i was trying to be polite but you didnt want it. so here you go.

    im not crying, i enjoy honest opnion flat out harshness doesnt matter really. thats what i want, it helps.

  3. from patriots store.

    "On September 9, 2004, The New England Patriots will honor their 2003 Super Bowl XXXVIII World Championship title by wearing a commemorative patch during their Opening Night matchup against The Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots are the first team in the NFL to sport a Super Bowl patch, and it will only be worn during this game."