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  1. Yep, the original was definitely the GWB and I went with the BB due to what people here were saying. Being from the area, I thought the GWB made more sense but PEEER PRESSSSUREEEEEEEEE.

    I'll probably make one more version of it.

  2. It's certainly closer.

    Two thoughts -

    1. What's with the gold seal in the middle?

    2. You have a great rendering of the Brooklyn Bridge, except that it's collapsing in the middle. Never should have allowed SUVs to drive on it. ;) Curve it upwards, and not only would it look better but it would fill some of that empty white space that needs it.

    Still, I think you're doing amazing work. Bravo.

    1. when it was just a circle it was supposed to be a sun/ball combo, depending on what you saw. Now its just the sun.

    2. I thought that too, but remember that the BB's suspension wires go all the way down to the road, so while it looks strange, it's technically correct.

  3. So I've been working on this one for a while, and finally like where its at. I think the design is pretty straight forward, but it took me a while to find a balance between the colors, elements, and shapes.

    I know it still comes off a bit vertical, but its NYC...THERES ALOT OF TALL STUFF.

    Thoughts? Go.



  4. So, it's well documented that Ray Hudson, now a color commentator on bein sport, loved the old Fulham crest and HATES the newer one, so I tried to find a happy medium. Taking some old elements while keeping it as simple as possible, which was clearly the original intention, proved to be difficult but I like where it's gone.

    Hudson on FFC



  5. These are so great I can't help but feel sad knowing that the actual logos being used are clipart collages. Have you contacted the NWSL about design work?

    Also, I'd like to see all of the logos together! I'm guessing you won't be touching the PTFC or Seattle crests so maybe include those in there.

    You're right, I have no intentions of touching PTFC or Seattle. PTFC I don't care for so it's possible, but Seattle did a great job with their branding, possibly the only squad who took it seriously.

    I DID contact a bunch of teams, only got one response and they told me they were going to move forward as is. Also, ussoccer told me they were taking care of it in house. I, and many other people, don't even come close to agreeing with the direction they took the branding of the league, but I mean...I guess good luck to them. If they aren't going to take the league seriously, why should we?

    I'll organize 'em all soon! I'm gonna take a shot at the NWSL logo to finish it off!

  6. Well nice work again on these two. Your KC tweak looks great. I like the concept there, nice movement but still very grounded and traditional. Simple, and elegant.

    As for DC - wow, very compelling work here. The shield is a great shape to start with, and I like the way you've done the stars and stripes. The eagle wings are a great touch here, and I like the gold highlight at the bottom. The beak on the eagle though seems a bit odd, could be that it comes to a point but the shadow on the wings is rounded, those shapes don't really work with each other. I think the type could be emphasized a bit more again - it gets a little lost in the space. While I'm happy you're not afraid of white space, it's a bit too much in these. I'd push the stars out a bit on each side and give the type some more love. Especially your "FC" and "DC" - those will get lost at smaller sizes. Your DC monogram is interesting, but it doesn't really fit with the rest of the design language - it feels a bit out of place, and at this point is extraneous. Perhaps it could be better incorporated as an interlocking element within the stripe area behind the ball? Speaking of which, you need to change up the styling of your ball. It's nice looking, but it's a repeat from your Kansas City design, and that's not going to fly. It may not have been, but it feels like lazy design work there. That being said, you've got a great start to this one, just need to push it over that cliff a little further.

    Overall I'm starting to notice some repeating elements - similar shield shapes (atlanta & NY) and the repeating ball (KC/DC) so be careful with that. I'm still really digging this series and I'm looking forward to seeing the next round.

    Thanks for all the feedback, really took it to heart. I wasn't sure what you meant about the eagle/wings on the bottom though, care to elaborate? Also, the ball was a huge mistake, late night designing means overlooking placeholders. I hadn't yet decided what to put there though. I went out on a limb here, I wanna see if it comes across right. It's a ball still, but much more akin to the balls that are more modern as opposed to the classic hex ball. More like the newer Nike balls, the strike and maxim. However, the shape takes on kind of an eagle/seal silhouette without the head...it's weird but I liked it hahah. The type was expanded to take up more space, it was a bit too empty. Also, the DC was removed, and the stars moved out. The stars represent both the WUSA and WPS as both only lasted 3 years, and this is the third attempt at a sustainable league. The crest shape was slightly modified to look patriotic, but I'm not sure how that'll be taken.


    Maybe its my computer or are they two blues in the DC one.

    If so I would remove one because it just does not need it.

    I found a few mis-colors, thanks!