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  1. Ah yes... back when that email was first released, Dumple uniforms and logos were posted rather frequently.

    ...and I don't think the brothers Strong would appreciate you calling it "Homestar Runner's school of Strong Badia". I believe Homestar has a little more invested in Homestar's Knees Tech.

    Jeremy Roenick's tipsters thought the original Nintendo would pull it out for P.O.E. State, but alas, The Cheat had other ideas...

    Ah Homestars Knees Tech, the name of my school in NCAA 2004. haha

  2. The "s" reminds me of the new Sonic logo, which is to be retro....mmmm.... and that brings up another subject which is not about this concept.

    Like the idea, but needs text needs to be less "stepped" and more arched.

    yeah i noticed the "S" after i did it, so i messed around with it a bit so as not to be exact.

    here is the new version.