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  1. okay guys thanks, the illustrator pen tool only throws me off because i cant figure out how to actually make a nice curve between two points without having to make another curve on the next point that i dont want, in PS, you can just add a new point between two others and grab and pull it and it makes a curve between the oringinal two.

  2. For posterity's sake, here's the Ravage logo we're talking about. And like I said, I don't plan on submitting this, but I thought I'd show you nonetheless.



    How the hell do you make logos like that?

    my only guess is that he went to a school for graphic design to make it a bit easier and also is just a great conceptualist.

  3. Nitro, that stuff is very impressive still. I still like your Atlanta concept better than their current logo, and everything else is very cool as well. The rendering of the car is amazing and extremely photo-realistic. I can't wait to see what you come up with while working with Bosack.

    Keith.....IS IT FALL 2003 YET? i cant wait to see the new site bro...

  4. thats some crazy stuff man, i plan on going to a graphic arts/design school after high school or after a regular academic college because i love the stuff and cant get enough and need to learn more about graphic design...want to reccomend(sp?) any schools?

  5. Easy on the new guys Dogpac***

    Let them get used to the water before we throw them into the pool. :P

    haha okay bro, but why you say Dogpac***? made no sense to me at all...

    it is DawgPacPBH, you know...Dawg Pac, from Pro Beach Hockey?

    hence. DawgPacPBH.