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  1. Another one I REALLY need some critiques on. I can't figure out how to make it feel less open. I like all the parts of it, but I feel like they aren't flowing well. Maybe the crest shape needs a revamp?

    aghhhh maybe I've just been staring at it for too long.


  2. Gorgeous designs. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for Kansas City.

    I have to get on that one, it's TERRIBLE!

    Ok. Quick question.

    I lived in WNY my whole life. There arte no mountains in WNY so I am curious why there is for the logo... I mean there is an escarpment, but no mountains.

    Just curious is all.

    Good question. I have no idea. For some reason my head tied mountains in with that region, clearly I didn't research it enough. A NEW DRAFT MUST BE MADE!

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh that just made me sigh with relief. What an improvement! THIS feels like a complete design - all the elements work MUCH more harmoniously, and your visual hierarchy is spot on here. Love the rule below the type and next to FC, and I like the custom touch on the "B" in "breakers". My only real critique now is the bottom of the navy blue outer portion of the shield comes down a bit too far, but that's nitpicky really. Nicely done, sir!

    I don't know why I leaned towards the first design! I think I was just staring at it for so long I lost sight of what looked good vs. what was there first. About the lower part of the crest, I have it that low because to me it felt like with the shading of the blues and lack of thickness of the gray part of it, there was a need to really push the SHIELD part. Without it it looks incomplete to me. I'm biased though, and have always loved a real thick outline hahah

    Here it is for comparison!


  4. I've had this alternate design in the works, actually! Different text, slightly different layout. Also, new color options because the original Breakers crest uses much more saturated blues, and I don't want to necessarily steal the midnight blue from the new Reign crest.


  5. Wow these are really great, a really nice set of designs so far. Clean lines, well thought out type, very well executed. Looking forward to keeping an eye on this. One of the best concept series on here in a while for sure.

    Thanks! Means a lot, been following your work for a long time, man. Always unbelievable.

  6. Really nice, clean work on all of these, Pete. I really hate your username on here — I always forget it's you haha.

    Hahaha I know, I wanna re-sign up but I like my "joined Feb. 03" and I don't want everyone to be like "WHO'S THIS NEW GUY?" and go through THAT whole ordeal. Whatever, the DawgPac was the best Pro Beach Hockey team ever. Should I redesign their logo? I think I just came up with a new project.

  7. Loving that Flash logo, but I don't know about Sky Blue. Those thin lines doesn't really give the logo much strength. I don't know how else to put it...

    Yeah, i wanted to make it a thicker word mark, but for some reason it really pops to me the way it is. I'll work on it though, see what it would look like.

    Here's my WIP of the Atlanta Beat. I borrowed from the Atlanta city crest, with a more abstract take on the wings, and cleaned up the outer rim design. Used crossing drumsticks to represent "Beat", and working on the wordmark now!


  8. Hey guys, long time no see!

    So as you may or may not know, the Women's Professional Soccer league folded earlier this year, but a new iteration of it has been announced for spring 2013! I plan on redesigning (at least) the crest of each of the most recent teams, as well as any new ones announced!

    Western New York Flash


    Sky Blue F.C.


  9. Updated: Eye and shading. New color scheme, Panthers?

    Still working on the jaw, and making it look right.

    Debating drawing out the top two fangs/teeth to make it look like a sabretooth of sorts, predators?


  10. Underbite!

    Move the chin back out, but maybe open it more to achieve the white space.

    I think I achieved a good amount of white space, because this isnt a 100% profile logo. It's slightly 3/4s. There needs to be a bit of the far cheek showing to give off that image.

    Working on the underbite though!