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  1. Starting to look pretty great! A few minor suggestions:

    - I feel like the K9 teeth are going outward a bit too much. I'd try rotating them inwards slightly(coutnerclockwise on the left, clockwise on the right, if that makes sense).

    - Right now the pink tongue really stand out. I think you either need a darker shade of it, or you might even be able to get away with a gray tongue.

    - Try tapering the whiskers so that they come to a point at the end instead of being rounded

    GREAT WORK! I love seeing threads like this where a logo evolves from good to amazing.

    Took your comments into account, and did a little work on the teeth as suggested earlier!


  2. Really great progress here. I like the version before this one more. There's still a lot of black space outside the mouth though. I think if you narrowed those black strokes just a bit, implemented some lines around the muzzle to give it a more cat-like snarl, and made the nose less broad it'd give it a better overall look.

    Thanks, bit by bit it's coming together. Are these the changes you'd pictured?


  3. Your "cuter" logo is really great. I agree with ColeJ but don't think the youth of the cat is a bad thing. Your fiercer update is a downgrade in my opinion. The cat still looks young, just now like a jerk. Like it would be a bully in a Disney movie about a middle school of jungle cats. Maybe the first attempt should be embraced as an elementary school logo, there is nothing wrong with that. It's a really great logo.

    If you don't like the youthfulness of your first logo, I'd just make small changes. To me the things that make a face young are oversized and soft features. It doesn't have to snarl. Just make the edges harder, eyes a bit smaller and narrower. Ears and nose could be smaller too. Maybe change the fur too. The raggedness makes the cat look like a rascally pre-teen. To keep with my human analogy, maybe make the chin fur like a long goatee and have the rest of the fur well kempt so the look is like that of a smooth villain.

    For all logos, I prefer the black spots to the lighter ones.

    the 1st one has a great look to it. dont throw it away. add something fierce to it.

    New update. Tried to make it more fierce, and take out some of the features making it look younger.


  4. I love it. The style would fit the NBA very well, and it definitely has the feeling of bringing the idea of the city into the logo. The change to a less saturated orange might not be taken well by many Knicks supporters, but I think it works extremely well with what you have here, man. Seriously, good job.

  5. it's a fantastic illustration, but it looks like a baby to me. like it should be saved by diego, dora's cousin.

    Cole you son of a bitch. <3

    Here's the update



  6. I know this might not make sense, but I think you need less spots, or maybe make them a tone or push them back a little bit. I think they are a little TOO apparent and distract from some really nice details you have included. I would also look at the symmetry of the area right below the ear...

    Completely agree about the spots. Takes away from the logo way too much, looks like someone just took a black Sharpie and drew all over the jaguar's face.

    Otherwise, I love this. The nose and mouth area looks really good. I prefer the top left version, the color makes the ears look realistic, plus the detail on the eyes is better.

    Yeah, I was thinking the top left too, but the first version had the other eyes so I figured I'd let you guys pick it apart. Check the latest post for updated under ear/spots.

  7. I know this might not make sense, but I think you need less spots, or maybe make them a tone or push them back a little bit. I think they are a little TOO apparent and distract from some really nice details you have included. I would also look at the symmetry of the area right below the ear...

    Good call, I was wondering what made it look off. I'm still trying to decide how the black looks compared to this tone, thoughts?


  8. I dont have a technical "logo" for J.Lin, in the way that it'd be used on shoes/hats but this is something I threw together the other day.


    Nice work!!!

    They are selling a similar shirt already at MSG


    Yeah I saw it after I finished mine. Disappointing hahah

  9. Really nice job here. Fitting/unique color scheme. My only gripe is what I assume to be "V V" on the spray can. It looks like little arms to me. I thought you were trying to make the can a character. I would suggest putting the V's on the front (facing us) of the can instead of wrapping them around. The label is normally on the front with instructions on the back anyway.

    Great job on this. Very unique.

    Yeah, the "baby arm spray can" was an issue I noticed myself, and part of why I posted it was to see people's immediate perception of that. Clearly I was right hahah, here's an updated version, hopefully correcting this issue. Any better?


  10. This is a concept I've been messing around with, temporarily named the Victoria Vandals, hence the spray can tertiary. Just looking for some C+C to see what I can improve.

    Thanks guys!



  11. Did FC Alderaan get relegated?


    Someone give this man five internets. He deserves them.

    I like the colors in the Cloud City concept. When the special editions came out in the late 1990s, I was blown away by how much Lucas opened up Cloud City and recolored so many of the corridor scenes. The colors in your concept evoke that. Are the stripes on the white shirt sublimated or are they a different color? Adding a pale blue would compliment the two other colors.

    Sublimated, and thats an interesting idea i thought about myself but didnt attempt to execute. Light blue could open it up, and i'll toy around with that and possibly post it. Thanks for the comment and a bit of criticism!

  12. Okay, so I made a concept for Cloud City FC and it had decent reviews and some suggestions to make some more Star Wars themed concepts. I'm gonna try to keep it all to one thread.

    Mos Eisley


    FM Endor


    Cloud City FC