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  1. i guess you would all look down on someone making their own jersey. and by that i mean actually making the crests and the striping and piping themselves. where do you who are against this draw the line? if someone takes a blue hockey jersey and adds an iron-on oilers logo, would you rip them for that? both are cheaply made knock offs, but one happens to not be made in china and the other in someone's basement. i'm sorry. i still can't get mad at anyone who buys one of these. as i said before, i would never do it because i have a discerning enough eye to tell bad replicas from the real thing. if someone does not want to pay out of their rear ends for an official looking jersey that has been marked up several hundred percent, i don't blame them and won't crucify anyone who gets one.
  2. i would never buy a counterfeit jersey, but only because i'm OCD enough to tell where there are obvious differences. the professional games i have been too (all baseball) are packed with fans wearing obvious counterfeit jerseys. i really don't give a damn about that. they are cubs fans and if they have found their way to support their team in the way that works for them. i'm cool with this. but other than that, i subscribe to the theory of "i'll buy it if the price is reasonable". i have an authentic blue cubs alternate because i thought the price for one was reasonable and i thought the replica blue one, and in truth all of the replica cubs jerseys, looked so much unlike the real thing it was not worth consideration. meanwhile i have all 3 replica sweaters of the pre-edge avs because those replicas looked so much like the real things and were considerably cheaper than the real things. people will pay for things a lot more often when they believe the price is reasonable for the quality. i won't fault the buyers for that because if there are no demand at the right price, the suppliers lose business. there is some software i would buy and some software i wouldn't (and after i have used that software my opinion goes from overpriced to horribly overpriced). i haven't bought a contemporary music cd for myself in years because i find today's music absolutely horrible that NO ONE should be paying for imo). but don't confuse me not buying stuff for me not buying stuff because i can get it elsewhere. sometimes it is worth selling at a lower price point casting a wider customer net. as for proper jersey wearing etiquette, i see no problem at all wearing one in any non-formal occation. i see it as nothing more than a shirt that proclaims very directly something that you like. and if they want to customize it i believe there is no problem with that as well. i think a blank jersey looks stupid, and i would never get a jersey of any player except established faces of the franchise players. and even then, it has to be in the style of the era of that player. you never know if one of the players on your team is going to get traded tomorrow. i feel safer putting my name and number on a jersey than one of any player (which i have for all of my jerseys). some may think that's overboard in showing support of their favorite team. i think face- and full body paint goes overboard. people who dislike customized jerseys are taking them waaaay too seriously.
  3. i'm not all that big on pro sports mainly because louisville isn't a big pro-sports town. we are a huge college sports town. indiana, kentucky and louisville get equal top coverage here with some for western kentucky, eastern kentucky, murray state and morhead state. we like the college game. i'm a big uofl cardinals fan. screw uk. i cheer for anything that is uofl in competition including chess, and i don't understand the game. i personally can't stand football (both versions), but i can cheer on the football teams. never been to an mlb game before and never been to an nhl game before but those are my favorite sports: chicago cubs- mainly due to equal parts of hating the reds and hating the st. louis cardinals, even though they had their aaa affiliate here for years. having the games on when i came home from school on wgn didn't hurt any. colorado avalanche- why? claude lemieux. chris draper. nuff said. if pressed i would say i'm a bulls fan, but i don't like the way the nba has gone over the last 10 years so i stopped watching.
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