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  1. Bills got sock problems. Dawson Knox, WTH is that? Some Bills went normal striped socks, some went with striped socks with leggings underneath, some went all blue no stripes. Diggs started with all blue socks/leggings with no stripes and then ditched them all together...Are these inconsistencies are all going to generate fines from the NFL fashion police?
  2. Bills put on the pads today and looks like those newer style numbers carried over from the shirts. Now I really hope it isn't just a training camp thing!
  3. It's funny how with all of the CLEAR fan demands, expectations, and creative inspirations already available from the 40th anniversary, 50th anniversary, and winter classic jerseys at their disposal that this uniform still came to be in the 11th hour "with not enough time to work with Adidas on alterations". The white piping is a little bit superfluous merely for the sake of change and it's a little awkward how much the article talks about it being the final exclamation point of the royal uniform. They sure love that piping! I think Executive VP of Creative services Frank Cravotta's wheelhouse is more industrial design than branding a creative identity. He's had a hand in it all from the Buffaslug to the Turd Burger. But finally since 1996, the Sabres have the true return to Blue and Gold and it wasn't misrepresented like it was in 2006 and thankfully not botched as well!
  4. In the drafting phase, that Buffalo with sword wordmark would look nice on the pants of the new uniform.
  5. The one thing I think the Sabres were on too but sadly was demolished by the Turd Burger jersey was this wordmark. I hope somehow it can find it's way back into use.
  6. I am completely shocked this wasn't screwed up, it is 2020 after all. Well done. The white uniforms are incredible. I think the white trim on the stripes of the blues are not necessary but it's not horribly offensive and may grow on me. Some may have wished for a shoulder patches too. The new texturing on the larger? crest is an outstanding touch. Pants stripes are back! I would have preferred white trim on the pant stripe as well like the old days but it still looks good.
  7. I have a real feeling that the pants are going to look pretty weird on the field especially with O-lineman who wear big knee braces. That will most likely stretch out the letters something awful. I grade them :censored: +.
  8. Definitely better than this mess. It's not terrible but I definitely don't want to see this more than once a season. And the Bills still need the white topped socks for the blue pants! Where did those socks run off to??
  9. Some more from Monday night's game. I guess the NFL would just have too many players to fine if they went strict to the letter of the law.
  10. Here is a shot of Thurman in some 'Thurmals' Andre Reed with socks Andre Reed with tights in Super Bowl XXV
  11. The league rule states: The exterior stocking must be a one-piece unit solid white from the top of the shoe to the mid-point of the lower leg, with approved team color or colors from that midpoint to the top of the stocking. So to the letter of the law, all of these players should be getting fined by the NFL. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/examining-uniform-rules-nfl-213003482.html The NFL allows the lions are blue and white or all blue?? http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/23766606/lions-louis-delmas-fined-5000-for-wearing-wrong-color-socks
  12. Seems like this is the trend in the NFL this year for lots of players, particularly WR, DB, and a few QB's. Spandex underneath and the main sock pushed down below the calf barely showing stripes on teams that use them in the uniform. It's being done all over the league. Is it done for fashion or function/comfort? How many different cuts of game issued socks do they make? Are they altered like jerseys are for game fit? Is this a NFL fashion police fine as well? Personally, it's highly annoying. Mike Williams would do all sorts of different looks. Not anymore...He's usually a healthy scratch nowadays with the Bills.
  13. I just don't get those blue topped socks. Weird, they need some orange. And the Bills still could do better with white topped socks with the blue pants combo.
  14. Sabres President Ted Black got involved with the interactive video the team put out to simulate being called up to the Sabres and to order his customized third jersey. Great job TB! http://sabres.c1ms.com/2014/
  15. Finally Sabres president Turd Burglar, I mean Ted Black has some comments on the new third jersey... http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/buffalo-sabres-president-3rd-jersey-turd-burger-ll-150636078--nhl.html Audio link (start at 17:15) http://audio.wgr550.com/a/81626678/10-3-ted-black-on-howard-simon-show.htm