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  1. I have a real feeling that the pants are going to look pretty weird on the field especially with O-lineman who wear big knee braces. That will most likely stretch out the letters something awful. I grade them :censored: +.
  2. Definitely better than this mess. It's not terrible but I definitely don't want to see this more than once a season. And the Bills still need the white topped socks for the blue pants! Where did those socks run off to??
  3. Some more from Monday night's game. I guess the NFL would just have too many players to fine if they went strict to the letter of the law.
  4. Here is a shot of Thurman in some 'Thurmals' Andre Reed with socks Andre Reed with tights in Super Bowl XXV
  5. The league rule states: The exterior stocking must be a one-piece unit solid white from the top of the shoe to the mid-point of the lower leg, with approved team color or colors from that midpoint to the top of the stocking. So to the letter of the law, all of these players should be getting fined by the NFL. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/examining-uniform-rules-nfl-213003482.html The NFL allows the lions are blue and white or all blue?? http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/23766606/lions-louis-delmas-fined-5000-for-wearing-wrong-color-socks
  6. Seems like this is the trend in the NFL this year for lots of players, particularly WR, DB, and a few QB's. Spandex underneath and the main sock pushed down below the calf barely showing stripes on teams that use them in the uniform. It's being done all over the league. Is it done for fashion or function/comfort? How many different cuts of game issued socks do they make? Are they altered like jerseys are for game fit? Is this a NFL fashion police fine as well? Personally, it's highly annoying. Mike Williams would do all sorts of different looks. Not anymore...He's usually a healthy scratch nowadays with the Bills.
  7. I just don't get those blue topped socks. Weird, they need some orange. And the Bills still could do better with white topped socks with the blue pants combo.
  8. Sabres President Ted Black got involved with the interactive video the team put out to simulate being called up to the Sabres and to order his customized third jersey. Great job TB! http://sabres.c1ms.com/2014/
  9. Finally Sabres president Turd Burglar, I mean Ted Black has some comments on the new third jersey... http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/buffalo-sabres-president-3rd-jersey-turd-burger-ll-150636078--nhl.html Audio link (start at 17:15) http://audio.wgr550.com/a/81626678/10-3-ted-black-on-howard-simon-show.htm
  10. Minus a sock tweek to white tops and a possible royal blue facemask...the uniform and white helmets look terrific as is IMO. Thank you for fixing the collars Bills!
  11. Really love the new stars look! Back to the Sabres...real quick I swear. So the Sabres Creative department also designed the Buffalo Bandit's Indoor Lacrosse team's uniforms...And it looks like they totally screwed that up too AND used a very similar Number Font for the current third jerseys. What a mess...an embarassing mess. And Director of Creative services Frank Cravotta has done some great work around the First Niagara Center with displays and such that are a terrific tribute to the tradition of Sabres hockey. This new third uniform is just a mess...no connection to the team and the tradition plus it's ugly as hell. It was a team fail though...management including club president Ted Black and the Pegula family had to bottom line this mess...
  12. Sabres Pants released via facebook page: Could REEBOK be any bigger!?!?
  13. I think the orange stripes on the pants and helmet would look better if it was between the Aqua and the dark blue instead of on the outside. The aqua and blue totally wash out the orange and the "Miami" on the back of the pants is unnoticable.
  14. Looks like the full collar retail jersey is slowly becoming avaiable for the Bills. Also looks like they still are selling the Half-collar look too. You can have your CJ Spillar with our without toliet seat.