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  1. Thanks man! I am going to have to edit this and update some stitching, and see if I can make a "mesh" effect for the shoulders, and get the inside the jersey tags. I used to use Speedy's Rebok Edget Template and that was fantastic, going to have to edit this to mimic that style
  2. Great work so far! I don't mean to hijack your thread but do you mind me asking where you got that Adidas template? I do not post much AT ALL but a huge lurker... and I mess around in my free time making jerseys for fun; I've been looking for an Adidas template and this one's great. I'd like to download it for personal fun. Thanks in advance if you can help me out. By the way your Blue Jackets set is incredible. So much better than the bland and boring set they have. They have a great color scheme and alternate logo they could take their branding to new heights... but failed. You have done a great job at depicting what they should wear! My only suggestion is putting the cannon logo on the home and aways!
  3. These are awesome! Is it possible to size them/create them for the dimensions of the iPhone 6Plus?
  4. That's actually the closest one to me... Thanks for the lead. I picked up a couple of Tigers 5950s from there last year at 6 bucks a pop. I'll probably swing by tomorrow.(Then again, if this snow doesn't lift, I may not be able to get out of the house tomorrow.) No problem! Good luck, hopefully they still have a reasonable amount!!! They actually had one 3XL Filppula (which made me laugh since he was gone in the off season before they even made these jerseys). One thing to note, they didn't have the winter classic patch on them but I picked one up online for like $12 with shipping.
  5. Yes metro Detroit. Are you familiar with M59? Utica area? Its the M59 "Hall Road" Dick's Sporting Goods. I think the sale may have ended as I got it for 50 bucks the weekend before Valentine's day, however they are still actually pretty cheap, only 100 bucks. They had only mostly large to 2XL, tons of Franzen and Howard, handful of Zetterberg and Datsyuk. You can buy them online still for 100 bucks I believe too ( I think thats what the link I provided said).
  6. Dang... that really bums me out. I get a large in the Reebok premier, so I got a large in this WC not knowing it was old CCM cut. Feel like I am swimming in the dang thing.
  7. Hey guys, been lurking here for years, but rarely do I post. You guys are the best when it comes to this stuff! I have a question and I sincerely apologize if this is the incorrect spot... Dick's sporting good put there 2014 Winter Classic Jerseys up for sale, and actually a local Dick's had a 50% of sale on top of sale items. Needless to say I scooped a Pavel Datsyuk winter classic jersey for only 50 bucks!!! That is the link to the jersey, however I bought my physically in the store. My question is (which I searched all over google for) is are these WC jerseys different cuts then the typical premier Reebok Edge's (replicas). I have a Home and Away Red Wings Premier jersey both large... as is this WC Datsyuk but the cut seems different and even though its large as well it seems much more baggy... Should this be? If anyone could enlighten me that would be fantastic!! PS - Does anyone know of anywhere that sells pretty much any jersey under the sun? I missed out on the 2009 WC jersey and would like to get a red wings on as well!
  8. Please and thanks
  9. Any updates on sending these out Speedy?! Pretty pretty please? Would loveeeeeeeeee to get this asap sir!
  10. Just checking in to see if you are going to be emailing out these files? Please and thanks, I've been checking but haven't received any! Thanks!
  11. Wow this is just fantastic looking! I would love a copy of this if you don't mind. Please! And thank you, in advance!
  12. Thanks a lot! Looks amazing!!!!!! Love it!
  13. Could I get a redwing signature? With maybe using the D logo in the background (the one from there winter classic jerseys)
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    These are awesome dude, thanks so much!