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  1. If any team fails, I hope it's that one. I enjoy disliking the Impact and Crew as a TFC fan....all part of the fun. I don't actually hate them (in fact, I root for all Canadian teams to do well...the whole "give Canadians a place to play" thing. I digress) I actually hate Precourt and what he tried to do and would love to see him gone from the league all together.
  2. Sounds like a good fit. curious to know who the potential owner(s) are. Hopefully we hear something soon. Good find, will be watching this one!
  3. Mista is the coach. didn't see that coming
  4. Late.....but at least the feed is showing something now. For those who have been around a while, a familiar name around here; Victoria Gooner, is telling everyone how much he knows about the league in the chat.
  5. Well said.........and I was so hugely into WWE/F at that time that I should have just been all in on XFL 1 for all the reasons you mention. But I lost interest fast.
  6. I read that as "I was laying on the tile in my bathroom all weekend". I was going to say "rough Friday night?". I watched parts of all games. This really felt a lot less gimmicky than XFL 1.0 (and I say that as a positive). The level of competition was what I expect. I enjoyed hearing the video review calls. I enjoyed hearing some of the play calling (I think they could tone this down a little but it is something cool). All in all, I'll be coming back for more.
  7. Andlauer is being a dick IMO. theres 2 proposals out there to renovate the First Ontario Centre (and the concert hall/convention centre) without having Hamilton spend public money....or his for that matter. there’s literally no need to move the team.
  8. Oh yeah, for sure. Phasing in seems to be the only option. Some of these guys have really good jobs outside of the league (again, as the article says) so it wouldn't make sense for them to keep playing if they had to go full time. Either way, it's all very interesting and very ambitious. I do hope to see the league trend this direction but it feels weird because it's never been this way before.
  9. I think there is. the link @GDAWG supplied (I plan on listening to the podcast it talks about today) essentially says that Vegas is going to happen, it's just a question of what arena. When I follow the breadcrumbs I'm guessing that game you are talking about was a test for the Orleans Arena. I saw a few clips myself and it seemed pretty full. 9,500 seating seems about right for the league. The real interesting tidbit in this article is that the league wants to make players full time employees. I'm assuming that likely means they won't get to go to the WLA/MSL for summer box or the PLL/MLL for summer field (the article doesn't state that, i'm just "doing the math"). If that were to go through, that could really change what professional lacrosse looks like.
  10. Yes. The CPL requires that a minimum of 6 Canadian starters per game and the roster must comprise of 50% +1 of Canadians. I have/had the same fear and assumed they'd start in the fall season at the earliest but from what I've heard they have a core roster ready to go and that was part of what was being sorted out behind the scenes before they made the announcement. Expect a mix of some former Fury Canadians, players out of the PLSQ and League1 and, Athletico providing some players too.
  11. Where’d you hear this? I’d love to dig deeper. I recall a couple years ago Dallas was on the table as a relocation city (I don’t recall the potential owner anymore).
  12. Agreed...... Then again, that logo is so bad that it's a positive that it's lost in there.
  13. As I admitted, I was one of those people and I was wrong. BMO has proven that a field can (and has) been well maintained with the right equipment. The "just replace it" argument doesn't quiet work though. You can't just replace it overnight. It takes a few days, after laying the sod, for the grass' roots to grow and properly be rooted in the ground. Otherwise it just gets torn up easily. The turn around time just doesn't always work. Another point everyone seems to be forgetting is that it's important that the soccer field is in good shape because any deformations/imperfections will make the ball bounce or roll incorrectly where as with rugby, lacrosse and, football the ball is carried in hands/sticks or thrown. A few imperfections is not as damaging to the game. Not trying to get in a fight about it because, as I said, with the right equipment in place a stadium can manage it. That said it's not people just being winy bitches. (Yes, there are some people who are like that but as the saying goes "there's always one".) The majority of real fans aren't just yelling ":censored: every other sport only soccer!" they have a reason behind their concern. One more time, for the sake of clarification and to avoid having a bunch of "you're wrong! suck it up!" responses; I now stand on the side of the fence of "give the stadium a chance first" and I think that's what people should do but just saying people are entitled or "winy bitches" is dismissive and unfair.