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  1. I mean, yeah, the name was never good but with almost 30 linear years of being a pioneer in Canadian soccer (I know, that history doesn't run deep yet) the history is there with that name. That's why I think this idea is stupid.
  2. I saw this too and just thought "What the :censored: Montreal?". Why on earth would you do this? Forget the "generic FC" argument. The Impact have been around, as you mentioned, since 1993. It's been owned by Saputo all along and, outside of the Whitecaps (who's history is much less linear...but let's not get into that) is the longest established club in Canada. Stupid. Just stupid.
  3. He followed up with this: Seems like the push to get to Quebec remains a priority but Sask seems to be falling away with each passing year.
  4. has never set their status