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  1. Not officially. But the PLL opted to make sure their season would not overlap with the NLL when it started up so right off the bat they played together nicely
  2. Yeah, I've flipped back and forth on this thought. I think it all depends on how much of the season is lost (if opposed to rescheduled)
  4. of course. Maybe now they won’t play
  5. It's not sports....(I mean, I guess all schools have teams so it's a weak link) but just saw that public schools in the province are getting an extra 2 weeks off. To @Sodboy13's point it's all about minimizing risk. Meanwhile my boss won't send us all home. BTW all of can work from home on our laptop. Seems silly
  6. Another Calgary "tease" (not that this shows much of anything)
  7. I have a co-worker who has Leafs tickets for tonight, she received a message saying that the game is suspended and the tickets will be valid at another date TBD. So I guess we'll hear something any moment from the league.
  8. MLS just announced a suspension too. I suspect the NLL is going to follow.
  9. MLS suspending the season now too.
  10. So commissioner Nick Sakiewicz made a couple interesting comments in an interview posted earlier today on the NLL Facebook Page: 1 - No expansion for next year. 2 - Expect an announcement on the next team in the next 30 to 60 days. Will be a US market.
  11. Yup. Have also heard they want to get to 20 teams and have a promotion/relegation set up. That said; it means nothing if you can’t find enough owners. I suspect Quebec will be next. Seems like the Riders are also willing to jump in but that’s been a rumour out there for some time (going back to the original plan of the CFL just launching a soccer league essentially....of course TSN got MLS rights so that fell off.) and I don’t know why it’s taking so long. Mississauga has a very loud group of supporters but there’s no stadium or owner (as far as I’ve heard anyways). At one time Montreal seemed moments away but it’s gone quiet. I’m ok with the league taking its time to make sure the fit is right.
  12. I heard this signing was done just for @GDAWG
  13. I recall this happening once at BMO field in the early days because the sun got in the 'keepers eyes and he couldn't see. I forget if it was TFC or the Canadian national team.
  14. Roughriders Rough Riders. Come on man. HUGE difference