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  1. You have a point there I didn't think of that. Was only trying to come up with other landmarks. Sorta off topic but I'm going down the rabbit hole of the fountain (probably more accurately the park itself) and I'm now going to retract my comment. What I've learned this morning isn't really applicable to this thread (so I won't ramble on) other than the jersey design but the fountain and the park play a big part in the founding of the town. It makes sense. It's not just some random park with a big fountain "in the middle of the street" downtown. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.
  2. I’ve only lived in Hamilton for about 3 years now.....Still learning these things I didn’t realize that the fountain had been around that long! Cool! I guess I need to do some research on it. I agree with the steel theme or maybe even Dundurn.
  3. Here's an image of all of them. I'll stop spamming this thread now.
  4. Here's the "Nike speak" from Forge. I don't really get the choice of the fountain.
  5. EDIT: Forgot this thread was intended for MLS not CPL.
  6. Oh for sure. It makes complete sense. I get this year is different and all that it just seems funny because there isn't normally a subtitle for a season. That's all. I thought there were released already? Weren't they all white? Or am I remembering wrong?
  7. CPL finally announced their plans. Charlottetown is the location. Gimmicky name with "The Island Games". Starts Aug 13 Essentially the league will play a 28 game "season". Top 4 clubs move on to a 6 match round robin. The top 2 clubs in that will play in a 1 game final. For the visual learner (like myself) here is what it looks like. I should add, teams have been training for a while now and are tested regularly and there have been no reported positives. There will be 2 more tests prior to leaving for PEI via chartered plane. (My understanding is that was required by by local government, no commercial flights allowed). Upon arrival there will be a 4 day quarantine (this one doesn't make sense to me). I assume there will be testing in that 4 day span.
  8. A few years back I moved from Brampton, Ontario to Hamilton......within spitting distance of Tim Horton's field. At that time I posted a similar thread about possibly switching my allegiances from the Argo to the Ti-Cats. It never happened. I no longer hate the Ti-Cats like I've always been taught to do as an Argos fan. I actually like and appreciate the team's history and, to be honest, I'd rather watch a football game in Hamilton now. It all happened naturally though and I think the answer as simple or "not thought out" as it may sound is: "Just see what happens". @johnnysama
  9. I know it shouldn't but it drives me nuts. One of the traditional things I always liked about soccer was the fact that clubs had 1 look and an "extra" just in case that look clashed with the team they were playing on the road. (obviously anyone who reads this thread knows that is the case, I'm just saying that I like that). I realize that it's just not like that anymore and there's even special looks for cup competitions. I also get that it's a way to sell more merch. I know, at the end of the day it's a business and all that but I just don't like the randomness of what is worn in MLS. ....and now that I sound like a real old man I'll stop this post and go yell at a cloud.
  10. Didn't really dig into this news last week as I was on vacation and took a bit of a break. Another NBA (and WNBA) owner coming into the NLL. Makes me optimistic that they are getting more quality owners.
  11. It has (sorry, I couldn't resist)
  12. *hangs head* IMO they got lazy and then Ciman had one of his worst appearances. Regardless, no excuses, they should not have lost that lead.
  13. The goods news (speaking from a health standpoint) is that this was just because Toronto only arrived yesterday. Toronto wanted to do more testing before leaving and arrived late as there was fear of a positive test (I'm not clear as to why there was "fear" of a positive test...maybe it was a false positive?). But yeah. Shut it down.