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  1. It doesnt even matter 'cause the riders traded away the reigning CFL MVP, lost their Grey Cup winning head coach to Ole Miss., and also got rid of top defensive player and sack machine Fred Perry all in one short off-season.... I highly doubt that the different shade of green is going to make up for the dissapointment that will be the rider's record this coming season. I am looking forward to watching the bombers kill these banjo pickin' imbreds on labour day weekend.
  2. I everythings good to go, could I get one in rasterized-format please and thanx?
  3. tarvarisdyck

    There Back...

    Could I get two Rangers ones with Jagr/Lundqvist on one and Gomez/Drury on the other??
  4. Gotta agree with "0 Cups" on this one. Too generic and otherwise just trying unsuccessfully to modernize a traditional team. I do like the idea of bringing the Lady Liberty logo back on the shoulders, and MAYBE having the diagonal RANGERS on a 3rd jersey next year, but you need to come up with better striping for the sleeves and bottom. Also, a different collar please. Those just simply do NOT say New York Rangers.
  5. A 07-08 Lundqvist maybe? I know you already have one from last year, but a new one would be awesome! Thanks!
  6. VERY well done! best one yet (or so I think) keep up the good work!
  7. I wont bother on making a home & 3rd yet since Im not quite satisfied with the bottom (as previously stated) and would like to get some input as to whate I should do. I was trying to be unique at the time, but now that I look at it, it definitely does look clustered and weird. So, suggestions are welcome!
  8. Not that I dont like the new preds uniforms, I just decided to "improve" upon them. Home & Alt. to come yet, Comments??
  9. Anyone at all? 77 views..... come on.
  10. Awesome, I'll do that!! But then again, you'll prolly start bitching about me posting 927 progressively worse concepts every day..... oh well, it was a good idea.
  11. thanks soo much!! I think its a great template too!! *and no I didn't steal this logo DIRECTLY from this Slabyk, I simply found it online w/o a person to credit it to.
  12. This is my first concept with this template, this is really just a trial run to see if I prefer this to my old one. It's been a work in progress over the last while so hopefully I have accomplished something here. Anyways, here it is: C+C please
  13. tarvarisdyck

    SJ Sharks

    This is a concept I've been working on to slightly alter the Sharks current unis. I think that when the previous sharks jerseys still existed, most people like the black alt. style above the home/away style. Now that San Jose has tried to go classic, I tried to mix in some of the striping that they had on the previous alt., while still keeping with the traditional "feel"..... HOME AWAY Constructive Criticism is appreciated.
  14. tarvarisdyck

    Hockey Template

    Looks awesome! could I have it as well? email is: travisdyck_68@hotmail.com
  15. Im a HUGE rangers fan and I have to say, not too fond of this. Not at all. 1)terrible of you to not include the diagonal "RANGERS" 2)The mix of the 3rd and the classic really did not work out here. 3)what is with the triple/quadruple striping pattern on the sleeves and bottom??? 4)if you insist on using the ranger shield, at least make it prominant by increasing the size and making the stripe at the bottom smaller All in all, a BIG downgrade to what they'll be using this year...