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  1. If you click on the "honorable mentions " link on the linked page there's more of them... There i love the scary one of Desjardins!!
  2. and it'd include the Celtic League and French Top 14 logos too...
  3. I think we need to redefine what "legend" means once again. And damn that Time Wakefield and his knuckleball! i actually have a Tim Wakefield Pirates rookie card... wonder if it's worth much...
  4. Have someone any information about those teams?
  5. Don't forget there's some historical backgrounds in those jerseys. Stade Français is Paris's team, the Capital. The lillies are the french royal flower that you find on the old French Royal Coat of Arms. The same for the "Blanche de Castille" jerseys they wore this year. One of the greatest Queen in the history of the country, amond the things she did was the end of the conquest of the Comté de Toulouse by the French (parisian) Kingdom. Toulouse being the biggest rival of the Stade Français, it was more or less a way to tell their big rivals "we own you"!
  6. i know i'm in a very small minority but those guys are still the Expos for me...
  7. well 10% of the Sabres fans is still about 10 times the average number of fans of the Sun Belt franchises!
  8. It's really funny... I have a friend from polish origins who plays (american) football in France for a long time that has been contacted by the new Polish Football Federation because they plan to launch ... a national team! I wonder if they have designed the uniforms yet... http://www.efaf.de/text.php?Inhalt=Newsmeldung&ID=763
  9. In fact all Sabres i know (ans i know quite a few!!), even the ones like me who were just waiting for the comeback of the classic blue and gold old design, liked the Celsius designs. While the slug has been rejected by 90% of the fans from day one (and even a lot before as they have not been even able to keep the slug logo secret till it was official...)
  10. The P-wing is cool though...No matter how bad you guys play, you still have always looked good. Even in that 9-1 drubbing awhile back. My flaw is that I do not hate the logo enough to pray for the Sabre to suck so it will change faster. I'll never do that. I will also never purchase any merchandise either as long as the slug is painted on HSBC ice. And with Brett Hull, granted an edge of his skate was in the crease and technically it was against the rules but I got over rather quickly...Hasek was helplessly on his belly flailing on the ice...the skate (or Chinaman) was not the issue. Hasek was terribly out of position and allowed the goal. Buffalo needs to catch a break...and bad. And Scott Norwood...well he sells insurance down here in VA. Good for him. But what was more funny was how physics experts, almost like analyzing the JFK assasination tried to disprove the Music city miracle...That went way too far and embarassed Buffalo more than helped it. It's not whining, it is the emphasis of a presentation of an alternative logo and letting fans know something better was available to the organization and was rejected for no explained reason. It is trying to explain to the Sabres front office and fans who are dissatisfied with the logo that there are those alternatives and it takes a little bit of effort on their part but a statement can be made to demand a change. what made me very angry is that with Buffaloes and Sabres its so easy to make a great logo. Well i can understand the Ducks logo suck... it's not really easy to make a duck look cool, but come on bisons and swords are a perfect start to make a great logo!! and they ended up with that slug thing... incredible...
  11. I have serious doubts about the "huge sales" they made with the slug logo. I've not been lucky enough to see any Sabres games in Buffalo last year but i saw them a lot of times on TV and the stands were full of old classic jerseys and "goat" red and black while the slug was nowhere to be found... I'm a Sabres fans for 20 years, i've never bought any red and black merchandise and will never buy any slugthing. The only logo i know is the classic one.