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  1. That is interesting... it looks like one guy made the comment and a bunch of people liked it, then Bugle themselves tweeted, and now it's taking off. I'm also seeing some Iowa writers/bloggers mentioning the bugle thing now. It would be very interesting if the rollout (which seemed to go great for the first 15 minutes, haha) gets turned into a complete bugle fest by tonight.
  2. I had forgotten about these.... and I don't appreciate you reminding me sir.
  3. I like it - it's not amazing, but definitely an upgrade. I've been to Central College a number of times, it was pretty close to where I grew up, weird to see them here!
  4. I eventually expect that from everyone tbh.
  5. Now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time I saw a white Cowboys jersey on the street. I see the throwback style generally and I know I've seen the regular blue ones, but yeah, can't recall seeing the white, huh. Interesting. (this is in Denver, I probably see 1-2 a month)
  6. I wonder if any fans will organically figure out the collar thing. Like some MWC fan notices after a few weeks, "hey, I think the collar on all of their jerseys is blue, I wonder...." It seems like the kind of thing where anyone who would notice would probably already know from other sources.
  7. So did that lady ever admit that she was wrong? I'm guessing not, from the sounds of it.
  8. I love living in Denver but I've already gone to basketball games at all of those schools in that little clump. Sucks because after those six schools you have a long way to drive to get to the next closest one.
  9. Don't the Blue Jays usually wear red on Canada Day? Maybe it's an unpopular opinion but I always liked those.
  10. I went to those Cubs/Rockies games last year and yeah, the stadium was just full of Cubs fans. I think those games and Ichiro's 3,000th hit game last year were the only times where there were giant crowds of people waiting to get in 10 minutes before game time and most of them were Cubs fans.
  11. I don't have a dog in the fight but I feel bad for the fans in San Diego. Having never heard heard anything good about Spanos I will root for the team to do horrible and for him to go bankrupt. And lol at that logo, for all the reasons already mentioned above that is an incredibly bad logo.
  12. That is the dumbest :censored:ing analogy I have ever heard and I have heard some dumb ones. Jesus christ, lol
  13. I still see random crap for sale online and in stores featuring that logo, I guess it is still an official logo but I don't know who the hell is buying that stuff.
  14. Wow, I didn't realize they never wore that full devil ray logo on the field, I swear I remember it happening, but that's apparently a false memory!
  15. Yeah, how dare that guy look like... a guy... ?
  16. I actually got season tickets for Denver MBB this year, I'm looking forward to checking out the court in person. It does look a little busy from this angle but I'm hopeful for how it will look in person...
  17. Boy I sure am glad this thread turned into chief wahoo chat (I have strong opinions about it but none of you care, just like I don't care about your thoughts on it in this, the MLB playoffs thread)
  18. That situation frustrates me, that is the Rockies cap I have and at the stadium and around town I see a lot of other people wearing it, yet they never wear it in games. And it isn't some kind of hatred of purple, because they were the purple jerseys all the time. Just strange and annoying.
  19. I didn't think the New Era logo would be that noticeable, but there were a few times that I noticed it and did a double take because I just automatically associate it with the minor leagues.
  20. That is embarrassing to read. Even if it's supposed to be a joke, it's really dumb. Yeesh
  21. Very cool op, I definitely don't associate some of those with 1982, interesting to see them all together like this.
  22. I have always just purchased a program to go with my ticket stub at each game. However I have lived in two big cities now and gone to so many MLB games that I stopped buying a program for each game. I still save all of my ticket stubs though and anytime I go someplace new I always get a program.
  23. That's a nice get! I'm a bit of a cheapskate and not even a big hockey fan, but I'm not sure I could turn that down for $25!
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