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  1. I would love to see the Lakers return to the giraffe as well. Obviously they never will, but it would be unique and a really nice homage.
  2. Watching someone post mountains of evidence and then seeing people try to twist every piece to discredit it is the funniest thing I've seen since the way [hated media outlet] treats [favored presidential candidate]
  3. I love this one because NAYV would basically be pronounced the same as NAVY. I hope they gave someone the four letters, said "Spell Nay-Vee" and ended up with that.
  4. Las Vegas is such a ridiculous over the top place that I kind of think the name and logo need to be as well. That doesn't mean I will like it (and indeed I don't really like Las Vegas the city) but it seems appropriate.
  5. Yeah, it's clear as day now that I'm looking for it, I would say mystery is solved.
  6. You can find a video of one of the games here: There is a very good clip at the 36 second mark showing the back of the cap, it is definitely not the batterman logo, but I can't tell what it says. I went frame by frame and the clearest I can get is this, and I still can't tell what it says...
  7. Hey, I was at that game! Good memories...
  8. I've always loved the Mexico cap, but I've never been able to find one in my size at a good price. I bought a US cap for $5 awhile back even though I'm not a big fan, it was too good of a deal to pass on. None of the rest really stick out to me one way or the other, but I love that Mexico.
  9. How many years has Fred Van Vleet been on Wichita State? Like 7?! (I know, just 4, seems like forever though)
  10. I got that silver Mariners cap on ebay for about $5 including shipping on ebay a couple years ago. One of my best ebay gets - I like it even more than teal Mariners cap I have, it gives me Randy Johnson flashbacks.
  11. Des Moines used to have a basketball team named the Dragons, which doesn't really have anything to do with Iowa, but I always thought it rolled off the tongue nicely.
  12. Interesting... Illinois State brought gray jerseys for their game at Drake last year, and I don't know who made the choice, but Drake ended up wearing their road blues instead of the home whites.
  13. What's the deal with Southern Miss and Iowa anyway? The ruling was 3 years ago and Southern Miss is still using the logo.
  14. That is the Burlington Bees. I assume it is a special patriotic cap because their normal colors are gold and blue.
  15. I got this Ross County FC replica jersey, I believe it is the 2007-2008 style, for $1.29 at Goodwill today.
  16. What's the story with the Predators jersey?
  17. They're better than I thought they would be I guess...
  18. I'm not going to judge the new uniforms yet, but this presentation is just the worst...
  19. I picked up this Mets hat at Goodwill yesterday for 79 cents. This is just a stock pic, but the cap is in damn near new condition. I don't like the BFBS Mets stuff a lot, but , it was 79 cents!
  20. I know the Yankees aren't going to change their uniforms any time soon, but in person I thought they looked really sharp wearing grey caps with the road greys.
  21. I picked up this hat at Goodwill for $0.79 today. It's the Spartanburg Stingers, a former member of the Coastal Plain League. It's that mesh BP style, I can't find any pictures to confirm, but I'm guessing they didn't have separate BP hats, so this is probably the main one.
  22. So Iowa's coach said they are getting new uniforms next season. Nike Elite I believe. Any ideas on what we might see? Iowa's uniforms scream Early 2000s to me, I can't wait to see something new. Thoughts?