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  1. Shouldn't the first banner be 1995 only, instead of 1994-95?
  2. The airport abbreviation trend has to end now. It's weak for the suns, it looks even worse here, and it's wholly unnecessary.
  3. This is certainly better than sending it to some corporate design firm that will produce another sterile, soulless design. At least the fan who designs it - and hopefully more Colts fans - will have ownership and pride in this logo as a result of this process.
  4. I think I'm imagining it. Their floor looks something like a cross between the 2000 and 2001 floors though, with the 2000 coloring and the 2001 design of the shaded basketballs in the 3-point area. Here are a few photo galleries and one individual photo from 2000. Unfortunately the Mich. St. gallery links don't work so thumbnails are the best there is.;partner=Google 2001: For a point of reference, here's the WVU Coliseum floor:
  5. I love watching West Virginia home games because its court its so unique. It reminds me of a former Final Four court but I can't figure out which. Is this an original design or did WVU purchase a former Final Floor court? If it is original, does anyone know which Final Four floor it most closely resembles? Thanks!
  6. I agree that this floor, along with most other NBA and NCAA floors, are truly unique works of art. I understand that they must take hundreds of man-hours to put together and I respect the craftsmanship of each of them to make the courts look like one piece even though none of them are. That being said, had I called it "bad," "ugly," or anything else value-laden, I would agree with you. I can see why you would say the same about boring as it teeters on that line. However, my comment was more about the design painted on the floor, not the wood itself. You are absolutely correct in referring to the high quality of the maple that distinguishes this court from most. Aside from that, the design painted on the floor lacks originality in my opinion. The only art ON the court - again, not counting the workmanship and artwork of the floor itself - is the logo at half court, the "NBA Cares" logo and the paint out of bounds. This is the All-Star Game... it's the centerpiece for the league! The court should reflect that. In my opinion, this does not. Alex
  7. Eh I'm sorry, I gotta disagree...those things look atrocious. The powder blue/navy blue combo on a baseball team is not working for me. They look too much like these.
  8. The NBA has gone with a whole new level of simplicity with the court for this year's All-Star Game. And by simplicity, I mean boring. Very, very disappointing. I know basketball teams have been moving towards less paint and more exposed wood in the fast few years, but seriously, couldn't they get a little more creative than this?
  9. posted a video of the field - fully painted and visible - rolling into place. Try going to the front page or try this link directly to the video:
  10. Speaking of XXVII... does anyone have the logo that was to be used when the game was originally slated for Arizona? I have seen the logo once, ages ago. For a recap of the wonderful events that led to the Super Bowl being moved from Sun Devil Stadium to the Rose Bowl:
  11. Mickey's Place has both the home and road, but in very limited sizes. Note the differences in the embroidery as well. Damn... I'm looking for 7 3/8. Distant Replays has a bunch of older Indians hats also but I can't find them. Thank you for the link to Mickey's Place though! I'm sure that's the one I was thinking of.
  12. Does anyone know where to buy a pre-2002 Indians hat, preferably the road cap? I remember seeing a post a while ago (several years ago maybe?) with a site that sold many old, authentic MLB hats from the 90s but I cna't find it.
  13. Not only do (most) of those uniforms look great, but the courts themselves look so much different than today's. Only Minnesota's looks the same. Honestly, that was a great time! Too bad there were no shots of the Charlotte Coliseum. Vancouver's, Atlanta's, New Jersey's, etc. look really sharp.
  14. My thoughts exactly. It almost makes me wonder if at some point does the NFL decide to use a "standard" Super Bowl logo. (similar to what MLB rhe NBA and NHL does) NHL does. NBA does. MLB hasn't used a template since 1999.
  15. They remind me a lot of the 1996 USA basketball jerseys. I can't find a good picture of the 1996 women's team, but the red-on-white looks like the West's uniforms.