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  1. As a white man who lost his right eye, I find the Oakland Raider's logo incredibly sensitive! (Just adding fuel to the fire)
  2. People from all over see the Indians and Chief Wahoo as whatever they want to. For me, growing up in Tucson AZ in the late 80s early 90s, the Indians were practically our team. I remember every spring practically living at Hi Corbett Field rocking my Indians shirt and Chief Wahoo hat. But again, I am thankful to grow up in a time where everyone wasn't offended by each and everything they saw or heard, and just enjoyed the game of baseball.
  3. I for one found it a bit ironic (and hilarious for that matter) that the Indians went with the Chief Wahoo hat last night. Seemed to me it was a big "up yours" to Toronto on their way to the World Series.
  4. Everything looks great to me but one thing; the name Prairie Wolves. Prairie is better suited for a team in Nebraska, Kansas, not a team smack dab in themiddle of the Sonoran desert. How about the local Grey Wolf instead?
  5. Funny... I also served and didnt know it was offensive at all. I guess in the same way Tuskegee Airmen is viewed. Maybe I will refine it and PC it up a bit. That would bring realism to the series at least!Its just one guys perspective, that's all. Why not keep the Soldiers name and have a 10th Mountain outlook on the team?
  6. Guys, this is a great series, truly is, and I love your work. I don't chime in to say.... wow neato... or when is the next one, and the next one, and the next one.... but I have been following closely. Buffalo Soldiers.... Coming from an Army Vet's perspective, and trust me, I know this is only a concept, purely fiction, and yes the uniform and logos are beautiful... but no. In the same regard that certain people find the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins offensive, this too ranks right up there. Buffalo Soldiers in another term used for "Negro Cavalry". Now... if you were to change up the logos, and tie Buffalo Soldiers (not as the historical reference) to near by Ft. Drum and the 10th Mountain Division, I think that could work! Again, great work guys, I now for a fact that you are not attempting or trying to be derogatory in this sense, but just needed to get that off my chest again as the perspective of someone who has served in the Armed Forces.
  7. Arizona looks great! You definitely did those uniforms some justice and would look great on the field compared to what they are wearing now.
  8. Love your attention to detail Sparky. It is amazing how you don't just stop with the logo and uniforms, but put the entire team package together to make us feel as if your projects are coming to life. Amazing work yet again, and thanks for letting us be a part of it!
  9. Both of your Portland logos look amazing. The Rose Garden and Mt Hood, both iconic landmarks here. Great job on all of your work!
  10. That's awesome right there! Takes me back to my childhood in Tucson when the Toros were the Astros AAA affiliate wearing similar digs!
  11. Way too early to tell, but given the rosters they have now, I would say the Rangers. Injury plagued season for them, they have too much talent on that roster to stay down for long.
  12. Bruins are perfect! Great job there. I like Tampa, but the lighting bolts on the front/ back and sleeves is somewhat overkill in my opinion.
  13. G- 3 S- 5 B- 6 Great work again!
  14. Great work once again fellas! Gold- 8 Silver- 4 Bronze- 6
  15. Beautiful work all around! Gold- 9 Silver- 19 Bronze- 4