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  1. As a white man who lost his right eye, I find the Oakland Raider's logo incredibly sensitive! (Just adding fuel to the fire)
  2. People from all over see the Indians and Chief Wahoo as whatever they want to. For me, growing up in Tucson AZ in the late 80s early 90s, the Indians were practically our team. I remember every spring practically living at Hi Corbett Field rocking my Indians shirt and Chief Wahoo hat. But again, I am thankful to grow up in a time where everyone wasn't offended by each and everything they saw or heard, and just enjoyed the game of baseball.
  3. I for one found it a bit ironic (and hilarious for that matter) that the Indians went with the Chief Wahoo hat last night. Seemed to me it was a big "up yours" to Toronto on their way to the World Series.
  4. That's awesome right there! Takes me back to my childhood in Tucson when the Toros were the Astros AAA affiliate wearing similar digs!
  5. All are deserving of course, but I can honestly say I am shocked not to see pcgd's The America League; a 68 team, three teir league complete with jersey's, logo's, a backstory, and the hand drawn concept. One of the most indepth concept ideas I have ever seen that was actually completed! Additionaly, I have to throw in GotPixel's NFL2, such amazing, creative work must be applauded.
  6. Perfect for the minor leagues! It's fun and of course will sell to and outside of their fanbase. Is that a slice of bacon in the Liberty Bell crack??
  7. By now Im clapping like a jackass in the back of the room! Everyone chant with me here..... One more division! One more division!! Seriously, thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you put into this, from your hand drawings to the history. Thank you for letting us all be a part of the best series I have ever seen on this board!
  8. Portland is awesome!!!! I like that you went with Rouge Ale as the sponser. Many would have taken the easy route and gone the Widmer Brother route. Colors, uni, and logo are all a perfect fit! Adidas is the right choice over Nike. Nike is based in Beaverton (about 2 miles from my house) where as Adidas is right in the heart of the Rose City. San Antonio is equally as awesome!
  9. Whats amazing is that you can sit here and dish out quality after quality! Your work is absolutley amazing, thank you for giving all of us something to look forward to when we come to this board! Anixiously waiting to see what you have in store for the Rose City!!
  10. Growing up in Tucson the majority of mine are no brainers. University of Arizona Wildcats: Dad was an UofA alum, it was Wildcats or bust. 1997 National Championship is still one of my best sport memories. Arizona Diamondbacks: Home grown team, but I was a baseball fan well before they debuted in 98. Walking into the BOB for the 1st time though was quite amazing. World Series 01 I was living in Germany watching game 7 on the computer at 5 am! Clevland Indians: Tucson was the Spring Training home of the Indians, I went to a many games as I could as a kid there at Hi Corbett Field. So many good memories there. Houston Astros: The Tucson Toros AAA baseball team was the Astros farm team, so I enjoyed seeing players I watched there at home move on to the majors. Phoenix Suns: The oldest of Arizona's pro sports franchises, I idolized Dan Marjle as a kid! Arizona Cardinals: From Sun Devil Stadium to UofP I will always bleed Cardinal red no matter how they play, which is typically pretty awful. I drank myself into a coma after SB 43. How gutwrenching it was to never have a single hope as a football fan to come so far only to lose it in the final seconds!!! Phoenix Coyotes: Default. They dont belong there, could flurish so much better elsewhere. Portland Timbers: Now living in the Portland area this team rules the roost when it comes to fan support! Amazing followers, great history with this club.
  11. Seperating the Cardinals and Cubs is kind of a no-no. And Memphis a little further down on the expansion list. Oh I know, with the Cards being smack dab in the middle of the country, they were honestly the last team I placed into a division. It was all just for kicks anyway. It was either Memphis or Carolina for expansion, like I said, all in fun
  12. Got me thinking with all the Houston to AL talk, thought Id take my stab at this. Lets just say there is expansion here in a couple years adding Portland and Memphis into the league. Based my divisions on what he NFL has, with the same playoff format as well. Division winners and 2 wild card teams advance to the playoffs. So what does everyone think? AL East New York Yankees Boston Red Sox Baltimore Orioles Clevland Indians AL West Los Angeles Angels Oakland A's Seattle Mariners Portland AL North Toronto Blue Jays Detroit Tigers Chicago White Sox Minnesota Twins AL South Tampa Rays Texas Rangers Kansas City Royals Memphis NL East New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals Pittsburgh Pirates NL West Arizona Diamondbacks San Francisco Giants Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres NL North Chicago Cubs Milwaukee Brewers Colorado Rockies Cincinnati Reds NL South Atlanta Braves St Louis Cardinals Houston Astros Miami Marlins
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