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  1. Thanks. Holy crap the hat is $300. Wow https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/fear-of-god/tan-new-era-edition-cap/2412787?gclid=CjwKCAjwjJjOBRBVEiwAfvnvBL_OAIkO0mzg8-rpfra-TbCxwQOtAMbWrochwzMJQA2bi5iaJbdLDhoCHmwQAvD_BwE
  2. Seahawks vs Eagles Monday Night 2005.. I was there. Snow, Lofa Tatupu had a game. Tatupu-2005-Seahawks-vs.-Eagles.gif
  3. Delaware Football https://twitter.com/DelawareEQ/status/742796101053501442/photo/1
  4. Hi, anyone know the name of this font? I got the SF Collegiate Italic but it is not quite the same.. Thanks in advance.
  5. I highly doubt this is real. Nor is that guys hair
  6. Why mess with perhaps the most iconic uniform in college hoops? Here is a novel idea.. The funny thing is the pic was probably taken 20 years ago and it still looks like a game from 2012 (except the refs)
  7. Michigan looks hot, BUT would be hotter if they put on white pants!
  8. these guys must be cousins..