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  1. Nah, they should have some candy apple grey unis as a tribute to Hüsker Dü.
  2. The previous Pacers set, with the stripe across the chest, was better than both of them.
  3. Not to be pedantic, but it was definately 1972 - from 1970 - 1972 the Hawks wore the infamous blue & lime green unis:
  4. Atlanta were the first team to use pinstripes, way back in 1972 - they used pinstriped trim and side panels.
  5. Not on the purple alts they didn't. They stopped using the original C-Hornet logo on the waistband in 1991.
  6. Until 1986, actually. Sand-Knit took over as exclusive outfitter that season, with Champion replacing them for the 1990-91 season. Then, in the late 90s Nike and Puma joined the party.
  7. That's the inaugural team. The '77 Blazers had a vertical wordmark.
  8. The only NBA team that should ever do this are the Kings, it was always their unique uniform quirk going back to the Cincinnati days.
  9. He didn't wear the 1-year original 1980-81 blue roads, the 1-year 1991-92 green roads or the original home unis, did he?
  10. I'll have to dig through my files for the exact dates, but there were a lot of potential franchise moves in the NBA in the early 80s. Around '82 there were reports that due to too many teams losing too much money several teams would fold, with others merging or relocating - I remember that the Kings, Clippers and Pacers were on the chopping block, with the Nuggets and Jazz merging and playing in Denver. This was around the same time Ted Stepian was planning to move the Cavs to Toronto (as the Towers). The Spurs were also exploring relocation around 1985, with Miami as the top option. The league had been trying to get a team in Florida since the late 1970s - the Buffalo Braves had planned to move there before ultimately moving to San Diego in a convoluted franchise swap with the Celtics.
  11. One of my favourite players in my favourite NBA uniform of all time. Beautiful, thanks for posting that.
  12. MLB came first - their logo was unveiled in 1969, for the 100th anniversary. The NBA was directly inspired by MLB's logo, unveiling theirs for their 25th anniversary in 1970.
  13. That's not a KC Kings uni. They didn't start wearing powder blue until they moved to Sacramento.
  14. Yeah, that was pretty standard in the 90s/2000s - teams with new unis would usually wear the previous season's duds in preseason, waiting for regular season to start before busting out the new threads.
  15. When did this happen and where are your sources? I don't remember any midseason changes in the NBA recently. Only time I remember a team doing something like this in the last 30 or so years was when the Pacers switched to a new logo just before the 1990 playoffs, although they kept the uniforms until the following season.