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  1. Hmmm... "Blow" our minds? You heard it here first, next year the heat will have sparkly white uniforms to celebrate the city's long history of coke trafficking!
  2. That's why Marques Johnson had FNOB, the Bucks also had Mickey Johnson on the roster - he too wore FNOB. It's not quite the same, but in the 1980 All-Star game there were 4 Johnsons - Dennis, Marques, Eddie and Magic. Each player had their first initial before their surname, except Magic - he had "E.M.".
  3. Milwaukee's reluctance to wholeheartedly embrace the Irish Rainbow is possibly the most disappointing thing about the whole City uniform debacle.
  4. Clippers used to use a script "Los Angeles" on their road jerseys, back in the late 80s. I've got a picture somewhere of a prototype Lakers jersey from the early 70s with "Los Angeles" wordmark. If I can find it I'll post it, it didn't look good from what I remember.
  5. The original Charlotte Hornets logo. Saw it on a t-shirt when I was 10, fell in love with the logo and colours and decided on the spot that they were going to be the team I supported. 30 years on and I still love that logo,even the team has caused a fair bit of anguish...
  6. I always hated the US Champion replicas, so cheap and inaccurate. The Euro replicas were so much better, made with heavier mesh and with sublimated graphics that were 99% identical to the actual jerseys.
  7. Apropos of nothing, but it really annoys me that those Nets unis are called "tie-dye" when it's nothing like a tie-dye design. It's more of an airbrushed pattern, I'm assuming in reference to the numerous airbrush artists that little the Jersey boardwalks.
  8. The Hornets have never had pinstripes on the shorts, only the jerseys. So at least they're consistent.
  9. That teal uniform (home? road? Does that even mean anything anymore) looks way too bland, the wordmark and numbers would look much better in purple trimmed with white. In fact, there needs to be more purple all around - when you think of the Hornets (in as much as anyone ever thinks of the Hornets) you think teal and purple, not teal and white.
  10. It's worth mentioning that this was done ahead of the Brooklyn move some years back and as such the tip of the "I" points to the location of Barclays Center, rather than Nassau Coliseum. But otherwise it's a simple mod that most people wouldn't even notice.
  11. The Hawks finally look like the Hawks again. Reminds me of the various sets used from 1974 - 1982, particularly the '78-'82 unis. I like it.
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