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  1. realmo

    MLB 2009

    The new Red Sox single-A affiliate in Salem, VA just released their uniform set. Will any of this look make it to the big league level as part of Boston's changes? The "S" on their hats is the Spokane Indians "S"
  2. No, it was a jersey that the Mariners wore during one home game to celebrate the fact that they were bought by a local group and that the Mariners were Seattle's team - not Tampa's.
  3. Yeah! I remember those jerseys very well.. I remember that home game was televised and I remember it being a novilty that a Mariners home game was on TV (back in those days, all the TV games were road games). I believe those jersey's said SEATTLE because that's when Nintendo of America and various other local investors bought the Mariners and saved it from being moved to Tampa Bay.
  4. I love how the NBA keeps on regressing! What a horrible logo!
  5. colors: brown dark brown some black whole yellow corn kernels that look like Clay Bennett's head mixed in. Energy is a dumb name.
  6. Oklahoma City Thunder Poops
  7. It's called "the Sonics leave when the lease expires in 2010." The language in the Schultz case is too ambiguous, and probably would set some dangerous legal precedents for the future (what? you mean there are other court cases?!). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll wait for the judge in the trial with howard schultz to determine whether or not the case is "ambiguous" or not -- not you. And what's happening now to the Sonics sets some very dangerous precendents for other, long term, very well supported markets. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The same way Sacramento doesn't deserve what happened in KC/Cincy/Rochester, Golden State in Philly, the Lakers in Minneapolis, the Clippers in San Diego, the Rams in Los Angeles and Cleveland, the Colts in Baltimore, the Flames in Atlanta, etc... Things like this happen. Get over yourself. You aren't the first to have this happen to you; you will not be the last. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I absolutely dont have to get over myself -- not at all. Why should any Sonics fans or fans of sports that recognize that this whole deal is wrong, HAVE to get over themselves because of this situation? I'm sorry that this happened to other markets, but just because it has, doesn't mean that Seattle Sonics fans should just lay down and accept this. I'd rather go down fighting than accepting and there's no reasonable explanation why, right now when the Sonics are still here, anyone has to get over themselves. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We can wait for two years. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- great idea! Let's see if it actually happens.
  8. Except Seattle's not getting a team in the near future. -------------------------------- That's coz Seattle already has a team...How about people wait until the franchise is actually IN OKC before coming up with names...there's still a lot of court cases left, including the one with Schultz that has some pretty strong legs. There's still a long ways to go, especially since the city is probably going to win the case and the Sonics will have to be in Seattle for another two years...that's a lot of time to come up with a solution... After the way that Stern and Bennett have come out as total liars and complete arrogant and smug as*holes, the LEAST they can do IF this franchise leaves is by leaving the records, history, and name with Seattle. That DOES NOT belong in OKC. OKC DOES NOT deserve to have anything to do with the 1979 championship and the times the Sonics have won the division. So, how about waiting until the team is actually in OKC to annoint some generic nickname.
  9. If it's Seattle FC, all is not lost for the team being known as the Sounders. Yes, it would have to be un-official at first, but then have to work it's way into the fiber of MLS Seattle.
  10. yeah, the Ams FINALLY have a nice set of uni's and I'm glad that their using the 3-star logo as their primary rather than that Eagle logo... GO T-Birds!
  11. That's the big rumor... The official unofficial nickname would be The Greens. no joke.
  12. I'm hearing that the new team won't be called "Sounders" nor will the Sounders colors will be used... Name the team contest coming next week
  13. sorry, not trying to rip off anything, nothing malicious doods. Just curious and trying to have some fun. Didn't mean to push the "defensive" button, obviously I "dont know how things work around here." And I wasn't "trying" anything, josh, get off your soap box buddy, just putting a call out there because I know that other people have had success (i.e. the Manatoba Moose concept that eventually became their primary logo so I thought Id reach out to the same sources on this site). sharplcd, message me so you can tell me "how it works here." ah, I love message boards (I honestly do like the CC site), but wow, so quick to judge. have fun with your future concepts!