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  1. Sorry guys I took a long break from posting due to a lack of interest in the topic but I'm back and hoping to get through the rest of the teams this time. Next up is Burnley. For them I decided on Adidas as the kit manufacturer and went with a template that would allow them to keep the classic red shirt with blue sleeves. Then for the alternate I just switched it to light blue with an assymetrical one red sleeve, this kit can be worn with the home red shorts or a set of blue shorts. Then the alternate kit I did in white and black in case of any clashes with the red and blue. Here they are, C&C please.
  2. Thanks for the comment, and as for the magpies if I get through this series I will show what I have worked up for them. Alright here is the next concept, Bolton. Keeping with RBK for obvious reasons, I made a far classier and simplistic design than Reebok usually does for them but I think it looks like something they would possibly create. I switched the sponsor logo back to the RBK one because I think it looks nicer and fits with the look I had in the kits. Stuck with the standard issue white and blue. C&C please.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. As for the template for the nike kits, don't worry I did do different ones it just happened that those were the first two teams alphabetically. Anyways here is the next team, Blackburn Rovers. For these kits I kept the classic Blackburn quarters on an Umbro template. I also decided to bring back the red because I felt it made the kits pop really nicely, for the clash kit I stayed with the black and red quarters instead of this years blue, white, and black design. C&C please.
  4. Hi again guys, I'm kind of dissappointed with the lack of response but I've decided to continue on with the series anyways. Next up is Birmingham City. For there kit I kept a classic look with an Umbro kit template. I went back to the teams history with the light blue, white, dark blue home strip but offered an option of an all blue version of that kit. Change and third kits are fairly clear, went with white and a bright green that I thought really accented the blue nicely. C&C please guys.
  5. On to the next team, Aston Villa. For them I kept them with Nike and actually used the same template as the Arsenal kits except I added a collar. Again I was going for a nice classy look keeping with what Aston Villa kits have historically been. C&C please.
  6. Thanks for the comments guys.
  7. Hi guys, this is a project I started quite a while ago but never really got around to posting them all. Basically the goal of the project was to create kits that both looked good but are realistic, basically this is a kit that could be on the field. Throughout the project I created templates for the different manufacturers that looked like something they would make. Also I kept all sponsor logos the same colours as the kit so that instead of taking over the shirt it would add to it. I've decided to go alphabetical so here is Arsenal. For this design I went with classic Arsenal designs. I kept them as a Nike team because overall I felt that Nike are best suited to create a classy kit design like the one I used. C&C please. *UPDATE* Bolton kits below.
  8. The only one I can really comment on is the Man Utd kit, right now it is a bit off. There is backing for the badges on both that you didn't put in your pictures.
  9. The biggest problem with this side is that instead of saying "don't tread on me" it just shows "tread on me". Seems like a bit of an oversight to me
  10. nice update but i agree that the face shouldn't have a smile, more of a scowl if you know what i mean. also to fix some of the over simplification problem i think there should be some definition on the cheek, maybe at the top of the cheek bone kind of thing. nice work here, keep it up.
  11. United still have 2 year rotation for the home kit. The away is new every year and the old away shirt becomes the alternate for the next season so really every kit is around for 2 years. This cycle was only broken with last years special blue shirt for the 40th anniversary as the alternate instead of, I believe, the black shirt.
  12. Love the tiger sharks. Just a couple things I noticed, I think on the the third the arm stripes should just be the one solid stripe so that it is consistent across the chest and arms when they're down at the side, so the two small stripes should drop similar to on the main body. Also on the back numbers they should be adjusted I think so that the top bar of the 5 doesn't slightly cut into the stripe, it should be moved up to be a bit over the stripe, this would be the same with other numbers obviously. I just find it strange that it takes a small chunk out without quite being all the way on. Still great work, keep it up.
  13. The knights set looks really nice but on the home and away you need to change the curved bits on the arms. Right now if viewed from the side the sleeve would come to a point up near the collar which I don't think would look that nice, instead move the curve down so there is a bit of a stripe that goes all the way up to the collar like the old flyers uniforms. Overall this is a very nice series so far.
  14. I'm same height, a bit skinnier. I usually wear medium shirts but for all my man utd kits I get a large. Wearing one right now actually. I find they actually fit a bit loose around the chest and stomach. I would go for the large. Hope this helps.