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  1. Please excuse my poor grammar. I'm fully aware of Atlantic City's many social and economic issues. The post was merely wishful thinking on my part.
  2. I'd like to see the Devils have a minor league team in Jersey again. Atlantic City might be a good spot. In the wake of casino closures and other financial difficulties, the city has made several efforts to become a "year-round" family destination. I imagine a minor league hockey team would bring at least some additional traffic into the city during the otherwise quiet winter months. Furthermore, with a minor league team in Atlantic City, the Devils could strengthen their influence in South Jersey and build on the "Jersey's Team" marketing theme. The Albany Devils and Phantoms have had a few meetings at AC's Boardwalk Hall. Maybe this was an attempt to test the market? I recognize that this scenario is very unlikely -- it is wishful thinking on my part.
  3. All better. The ones I listed were all Yankee player nicknames. Bambinos - Ruth, Iron Horses - Gehrig, Clippers - DiMaggio, Scooters - Rizzuto, Tugboats - Munson
  4. All those SI Yanks names are awful... here's to hoping there is a name on the back-burner they haven't told us about. Staten Island Bambinos, anyone? Clippers? Iron Horses? Scooters? Tugboats?
  5. My impression of my hometown at the Jersey Shore, where the NYC/PHL markets overlap 1. Yankees 2. Giants 3. Eagles 4. Phillies/Mets (depending on which team is better) 5. Mets/Phllies 6. Jets 7. Devils 8. Rangers 9. Flyers 10. Steelers 11. Knicks 12. Nets I don't know if I have ever met a Sixers or Islanders fan from my hometown. For South Bend, IN, it's somewhat difficult to gauge since so much of the sport scene revolves around Notre Dame. For the pro teams, I would say... 1. Cubs 2. Bears 3. Blackhawks 4. White Sox 5. Bulls 6. Colts 7. Pacers
  6. I thought those polar bear cans were gorgeous. I could easily see these new cans causing similar issues though... Also, when did Diet Coke become Coca-Cola Light? Did I miss a memo?
  7. As a Norwegian-American, I am really enjoying this series! Good work!
  8. A couple of thoughts: 1. I miss the days when MLB would just put the US/Canadian flag on the side of caps. Sigh. 2. I do not like the Phillies' red alt. Looks too much like spring training to me.
  9. I'm a big railfan, so I'm going to toss some old railroad logos into the ring: The Pennsylvania Railroad: I wish the SWB RailRiders used this as a basis for their branding. Could have had a beautiful interlocking SWB inside a keystone. The Jersey Central: Norfolk Southern: There are many others that come to mind, like the Great Northern Railway, Union Pacific (shield could be inspiration for the USMNT), Norfolk Southern, Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, the Great Western Railway, etc. I think my favorite is the PRR, though
  10. Damn, I thought their rebrand was pretty successful. I hope their next rebrand is even better. Based on what I know about the team, the SWB merch sold better. The area was/is very attached to the classic interlocking SWB logo from the Red Barons days. IMO that logo was one of the best in minor league. The top-seller in their store has been the SWB maroon hat. I also found this black cap with the gold SWB logo: It's nice, but a little big. If they can return to a logo like the Red Barons days, I think it would be a major upgrade.
  11. The Pepsi logo has grown on me since they switched from the dark blue background to the royal blue
  12. As a native South Jerseyan, I have always thought that North and South Jersey felt like completely different states. Very nice to see North and South Jersey states! However I would disagree re: the Polish heritage. From my own observations, English, German, Hispanic, Italian, and Polish are most visible. French-Canadians in Cape May and a decent number of Scandinavian fishermen too. Nonethless, a beautiful concept and wonderful series.
  13. That may be the best red and green Devils jersey I have ever seen. Bravo
  14. Speaking as a New Jerseyan and a (casual) Devils fan, it is fair to say that the Devils indeed have some traction in-state. I am from the Shore, about half-way between New York and Philadelphia. The Devils are definitely the most popular hockey team. I know many fans who have routinely made the hour+ trek to the Rock, but it is difficult to so on a regular basis. If anything, Newark may be the issue. Then again, it's hard to imagine a better place to put a team. Personally, I would much rather drive through the pine barens to Philly to see Devils/Flyers than deal with public transportation or the nightmarish North Jersey portion of the parkway/turnpike on the way to Newark.
  15. I was a big fan of the SWB Red Barons' identity. Unique name but not too crazy. IMO the interlocking SWB was beautiful. If only the SWB RailRiders would bring it back