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  1. This is the same league that "awarded an expansion club" to Jay Precourt and his cronies to play in Austin, TX after they were unsuccessful in uprooting the Crew from Columbus, OH. Austin, TX was nowhere on MLS's expansion radar before this kerfuffle.
  2. The local Burlington Coat Factory occasionally sells New Era '47 MVP adjustable Montreal Expos hats. I picked one up for $8. In addition, I went to a few Marshalls in Northern VA and Rockville, MD, in which they're selling various Washington Nationals hats for $10. The hats on sale include, but not limited to the 2017 postseason patch on the side panel, the block "W" in the red hat or white hat variety, spring training hats from 2018 and 2019, and 2019 World Series championship hats.
  3. Nice! I can finally shed the "Mindless" moniker. I'm not sure why I ever chose that nickname.
  4. 2020 MLS Schedule: Your club will face every team except for these three Sharing this link in the thread if MLS Cup 2020 ends up being between two clubs that do not face each other in the coming season.
  5. Based on the image on the door, I am guessing they're not going with "All Carolina FC" or "Carolina Gliders FC" as the club name.
  6. This a change for changes sake. No need for a new crest.
  7. Their new crest is an upgrade from the previous one. Anytime a club doesn't have a soccer ball on its crest is a win.
  8. That placement would make the most sense. It would be weird to have the Grand Canyon sign at the southern boundary and the Saguaro one at the northern boundary.
  9. Reasons the tickets are expensive: Pens and Preds played in the Stanley Cup Final a few years ago. In addition, it's a back-to-back home and home regular season games during Christmas break, so tickets will be very pricey.
  10. Stras got paid after a dominant WS and postseason. I would be surprised if Rendon is re-signed too.
  11. Aye, Mr. Rooney may have put more butts in the seats and elevated DCU football for the brief time he was stateside. More concerned what the "Rooney effect" will have on the club in 2020 and beyond. However, I would like to see more homegrown talent dominate the league rather than 30-somethings from Euro or South American leagues. Maybe my view is on the same side of the coin as yours?
  12. I watched a few DC United regular season matches, various primetime MLS matches, plus the MLS Cup playoff games this year. Only a handful were entertaining football. Does that money further develop homegrown talent or DP players more?
  13. I hope MLS stops expanding for a couple years after announcing Charlotte as the 30th club. In my humble opinion, the overall on-field product is vastly watered down.