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  1. The new Chicago crest is marginally less boring than the current version. While adding the Chicago flag colors is a nice distraction, it is a shame they minimized the Florian cross. In all honestly, the club should have never abandoned their initial crest. At least that one was distinctive and not another roundel.
  2. This new away kit is phenomenal! The national team crest stands out.
  3. I like the nickname but the main logo isn't all that impressive. At first glance, I thought it was for a hunting outfitters store. In comparing this logo to the rest of the team logos in the CFL, it is towards the top near Toronto and Hamilton. However, it doesn't help matters that the CFL is a league filled with mediocre to bad logos.
  4. One would think D.C. went with United because of the D.C. region. However, they went with United as a homage to the United clubs in the European leagues.
  5. Going out on a limb to say that whoever wins Game 3 of Caps - Bruins tonight ends up winning the series. Also, I would love for the Caps to avoid a Game 7 for obvious historical reasons.
  6. I like the fact that Columbus Crew's current logo isn't a roundel. There's too many of those in MLS (and sports). However, they could have approached the rebrand much more effectively by having players, supporters, and the community involved.
  7. It's got to be a joint statement on the rebrand. Maybe they will get a do-over.
  8. I would hope so! Far too late in the game to change the city name to New Amsterdam.
  9. Growing up with the NY/NJ MetroStars, the name was hot garbage back in the day. The club was named after MetroMedia. All the alternative names were awful too, e.g., Empire Soccer Club and MetroFlash (from Nike). I remember the owners wanted to buy the Cosmos name, but that didn't happen. These days even Red Bull New York or New York Red Bulls (whichever) are a big convoluted mess. New York City FC has the better name out of the two NY area clubs and it is no contest.
  10. And in CCL Semifinal action, it is Cruz Azul v. Monterrey and Philadelphia v. America in August. I predict a Cruz Azul v. America final. For what it is worth, there was no mention of the MLS club defeats on the main MLSsoccer webpage. I had to go to the CCL competition page for recaps. Sour grapes I suppose for having three of the four MLS clubs eliminated from the tournament. Doesn't help that there was going to be an MLS winner from the Philadelphia v. Atlanta tilt. There is still a long way to go for MLS clubs to compete against Mexican clubs.
  11. You weren't kidding about Tepper's lust for a domed stadium. I read from the a 2019 Charlotte Business Journal article he wants that done in the next 10 years AND the taxpayers should fit the bill (no surprise on the last part).
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