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  1. I’m not so sure about this whole “Cream” concept...
  2. I would take Kraken over Renegades
  3. Theres a giant gate on the North End of the stadium where all the cadets march in. There would be plenty of room to roll that Thunderbird in.
  4. I hate Colorado state pride.....
  5. I am starting to be OK with Kraken.
  6. Fremont Brewery, located in Seattle, has a beer called the Sky Kraken.
  7. The Winnipeg Jets should really switch to that blue third as their primary look. They could own that shade of blue instead of just being another navy blue team. It looks amazing on the ice.
  8. The biggest problem with Kraken is that its too pop culture, too much of a fad. Its gonna sound really really bad as it ages. Like naming a team the ManBearPigs 10 years ago....
  9. I am not buying it. Mainly because that name is so terrible
  10. Pretty sure we aren't gonna get a logo as nice as either the SeaLions or Sockeye logos posted here... Those are both incredible
  11. The worst part of these jerseys is the Altitude TV crew having to hype them up and saw how AMAZING the design is and how POPULAR they are....