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  1. True, forgot about the C patch then.
  2. They did? The third came out then, but no other tweaks.
  3. I hope its the Stadium Series logo, but with a proper outline...
  4. Current / Blue / Stripes This takes the Avs from sloppy mistmatch (current) , to pretty solid uniform (blue equipment), to their best road uniform. Love this change.
  5. Updated the original post with the C's colored blue. Good catch!
  6. Yeah, they could add a blue strip to keep the silver separating the burgundy and blue: This is easily the best option. The blue looks great and the additional arm stripe ties it all together well. Really hope they go with this.
  7. Created some mockups with different possible "modifications" mentioned in the press release: 1. Blue equipment. The Avs blue is much darker and more royal than I first imagined. Its not this bright steel blue that has been used in earlier mockups. 2. Blue equipment plus changed the silver arm stripe to burgundy. 3. Wow, big change. Changed the arms to blue. 4. Blue arms with burgundy stripe. With these more accurate blues, I prefer the first one. Just change the equipment, letters, and numbers to the current blue. Nothing else is necessary to create a cohesive look.
  8. Yeah maybe, just found it odd since there has been two equipment leaks and a press release stating it would be their primary blue..
  9. it's 100% steel blue. No idea why that article would speculate its navy...
  10. Love your posts!  What software do you use to make your field simulations?  thanks