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  1. I would make one slight tweak to the Preds logo. Fill in the side of the mouth to be yellow.
  2. Umm, that is very very similar to the Canes current logo. Two Cs forming a hurricane..
  3. These Sabres uniforms are amazing. Love the metallic gold and navy combo, both colors really pop on that white sweater. Well done.
  4. a good aged parmesan cheese? It looks like its a three time aged cheese world championship winning cheese!
  5. I wish they would just use the premier leagues own package. Love that one. Although this new NBC graphic is quite an improvement over last seasons!
  6. I like the diamond returning, not sold on the colorful gradients.
  7. i think its not getting love because theres nothing wrong with it and just looks like it should. Good design can go unnoticed.
  8. I'd say UA is popular amongst the middle aged crowd and then the kid crowd, probably because their parents buy their clothes. Teens and young adults is easily Nike.
  9. Nothing clashes with Olivier Giroud
  10. I just don't want it to turn into socks... Then you bring in the red sox comparisons. Avs v Sox! next on NBCSN
  11. The inconsistency in the arm and hem stripes is really bothering me...
  12. Seattle Dreamliners