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  1. The NHL logo is even wrong for that 2001 era.
  2. Maybe Nike will give the Rockies a new look, which is much needed at this point.
  3. Marlins world series champions really got me....
  4. Black hockey uniforms are the worst. Watching the Avs Kings game last night was horrid. The Kings all black look is just so dull. They really should go back to purple and gold.
  5. I did not have to have them side by side to see the differences...
  6. Monte Ball Broncos jersey... only option in time for a super bowl party...
  7. Seattle Sockeyes will definitely turn into "ITS TIME FOR SOME SOCKEYE HOCK-EYE!"
  8. Odd, on the mobile app they have no problem saying Chicago Blackhawks
  9. That's probably a smart move in the desert. and synethic grass is much nicer now.
  10. Why do I get the feeling, if its the whale, that they will add some stupid hurricane design element and fork it up....