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  1. Was curious how the logo would look with a flat S. I kinda like it...
  2. I actually am liking the name more and more. The video and branding sure helped. I was worried that Kraken would cause the branding be too extreme and over the top. Avalanche, Kraken, next on NBC.... Sounds good to me.
  3. The colors, logos, and jerseys are top notch. Incredible work whoever did these.
  4. Kraken.... we all knew it but never wanted to admit it.
  5. I like the extended cape and plume on the original logo. Just fix the dudes face in the old version and its the better logo.
  6. Oh yeah.... Seattle got an NHL team.
  7. Why can't teams just use block numbers...
  8. Just call them the Seattle Greens
  9. The brown pants look so much better than the orange ones. Good job Cleveland!
  10. If I had my way.... every away set would be paired with either white/silver/gray pants.