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  1. Oh brother. Yes, that’s the point. Sorry I didn’t have the years memorized where the orange stripe was on bottom and when white was on bottom. They only flip flopped throughout their history.
  2. You could show me 100 photos and I wouldn’t be able to tell you which is the Islanders RR and which is their normal home...
  3. The nose looks very historically inspired: They just kinda didn't connect all the dots. The swoosh on the nose is broken up and not connected. The slashes on the back cover up the Williams "W." Quick edit and to me just connecting the nose brings it all together. The slashes now match up:
  4. I don't get the overall hate for the Williams. I much prefer it over the generic livery from last year or the weird Rokit gradient from a few years ago.
  5. Williams is well, interesting.... I don’t mind some of the design choices but it doesn’t seem very cohesive.
  6. yup.... such a terrible livery. Like just make it say Russia instead of Haas on the side.
  7. I think Aston Martin stole the Merc side swoosh.... fitting for a team that used to be called (T)Racing Point....
  8. Clearly the Avs were distracted by the raw beauty of that San Jose sweater and forgot to play defense.
  9. Oh for sure, not hating on them for it. Just pointing out why its not getting a ton of love.
  10. its just so bland. Chicago has a great (best) uniform and this doesn't improve on it. It could work for any of the red/black teams, nothing about it says Chicago.
  11. I really like the new Alpine, great use of blue/red/white but with the added black. The shiny blue is close to to the old Renault blue instead of being a true royal blue.
  12. Haha sure is! They barely made any changes so I didn’t question the google result. Thanks for the tip.