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  1. this is what i thought of: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQjY70RHrOg/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. Drop the "In" add the "Guar" keep the "Dians". Nailed it.
  3. Seattle absolutely nailed their branding. The logos and uniform is top notch. My only question is how will the seafoam numbers look on the home sweater. Will they be easy enough to read while watching a game?
  4. We have word that its just a retail line of jerseys, not an on ice sweater.
  5. Why does Italy have to be in all white versus an all red Belgium... Blue would look so much better for Italy in this match
  6. The Avs store is now selling their replica home jerseys for 50% off. No idea if this is normal or trying to clear inventory.
  7. France looked exactly like they played today.... all blue
  8. Croatia in black and Spain in all white looks wrong and bad.
  9. Get that sweet sweet merch. Ready to hang in the closet for years.
  10. The owners don't want to give up a revenue stream? Theres a shocker.... Have I gotten used to helmet ads? Yes. Do I like them? Hell no. Will this alter my viewing of the NHL product? nope.
  11. Maybe Kraken Rum will step up and deliver for us.
  12. it was so much better than the unipron look.
  13. Not sure if this is in agreement or sarcasm, but I personally loved that uniform.
  14. I always hated how dark Colorado looked with the black equipment. On the road they just had no color. The lighter blue equipment really livens the whole look up. The Navy is just too dark and would have the same colorless feel as black did on TV.
  15. that uniform is too dark for me. I personally think it looks better with the slate blue.
  16. see post directly above this...
  17. fair points. I mainly just meant the striping. So I guess the 92-97 uniform:
  18. Nah fam, this is their best look:
  19. Their white pants kinda throw this comparison out the window.
  20. The Gulf McLaren is a stunner. Needs to be full time in 2022.
  21. its their recycled plastic material.
  22. ahh my bad, I thought it was replicas too. The fact its just authentics probably just means a fabric change.
  23. Hopefully they remove the waffle pattern on the shoulders.
  24. Yup, 25% off every jersey. Authentic/replica, player or blank, home/away/third all of them are on sale.
  25. Such an upgrade for Mclaren. Wonder with all the praise this has received if theres any chance they run it longer.
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