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  1. You clearly don't know what revolting means. This patch is way too bland to be considered revolting.
  2. Comparing the sleeve patch to the Domino's logo is ridiculous. The sleeve patch is not affixed to the jersey at an angle as displayed above. The patch is a rectangle, the Domino's logo is a square. The fonts and colors are different. Objectively speaking, there are NO similarities between the patch and the Domino's logo.
  3. Would replacing the circle-R be too much to ask for?
  4. You know, now I remember why I stopped coming to this message board... THE SAME IMAGE QUOTED 6 TIMES ON ONE PAGE!!! TURN OFF IMAGES IN QUOTES!!!
  5. HATE the Washington script. HATE the all-red jersey with both curly W and DC. Like the blue jersey with the red and white piping, but the flag background on the DC logo looks dumb.
  6. *Player and Coach appearances subject to change Thanks. Btw, very impressive sig I second that. It really is pretty fricken nice. Thanks, the sad thing is it's no longer accurate... after following the Astros for 13 years, I abandoned them at the end of 2007 when they axed Phil Garner and Tim Purpura (on my birthday, nonetheless) and then got rid of Lidge in the off-season. I guess I need a new sig.
  7. *Player and Coach appearances subject to change
  8. FWIW, e-mail sent out today by the Nationals: Nationals to unveil new 2009 jerseys on Thursday, November 6 The Washington Nationals will unveil their new 2009 regular-season jerseys at the ESPN Zone on Thursday, November 6 at 12 p.m. Nationals Manager Manny Acta and outfielders Elijah Dukes and Lastings Milledge* will take part in the event, moderated by radio broadcaster Charlie Slowes. Following the program, Acta, Dukes and Milledge will participate in a 30-minute autograph session. The event is open to the public and the first 50 guests to arrive will receive a Nationals promotional item at the conclusion of the event. The jerseys will be available for purchase at the Nationals Park Team Store, located on Half Street Southeast in the ballpark's Center Field Plaza, Thursday, November 6 through Sunday, November 9. The jerseys will also be available for purchase online starting Thursday at the Shop.
  9. There were a few instances during the telecast where I was 95% certain the wordmark was under the logo. I only noticed it in ALCS game 5 though, don't know about game 4... and some of the pictures he uses for reference are from game 4. If only I had Tivoed the game...
  10. During ALCS game 5 in Cleveland, I noticed the Kevin Youkilis's sleeve had the Majestic wordmark under the Majestic logo. Isn't the wordmark only on replica jerseys? I'd never seen this before on a player's jersey. You can kind of make it out in this pic... it was more apparent during the TV coverage.
  11. Sheesh, was this garbage ever actually worn? Aside from looking AWFUL, isn't superimposing text or other logos atop the US Flag a big no-no?
  12. I haven't held one of the WS caps in my hand, but IIRC, in past years the WS logo has not been embroidered on, but rather printed on some sort of felt patch and glued on. If that is still the case, you'd think they'd be able to use very detailed shapes.
  13. Here's the Vaughn link: Awful, awful, awful. Amazing that 3 idiots have bid on it. Anytime you see "Item location: USA Check my other auctions out!!!, United States" or something to that effect, it should be a major red flag.