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  1. Quick (I hope) question... I just started using the 3D Extrude and Bevel filter. After applying the filter, when you click on the object, the path still shows up around the pre-filtered object, and therefore doesn't match up with the post-filtered object. Is there any way to change it so the path matches the post-filtered object?

  2. NYI%20Banner.jpg

    Ran this through whatthefont.com with no success... the K in NEW YORK is unique, reminds me of an old New York Knickerbockers wordmark, which of course I can't find an example of now. Can anyone identify?

  3. Another question... is there a way to scale objects to a fixed measurement? I only see how to scale objects by percentage - I'm wondering if it's possible to actually input the desired width and height rather than doing trial and error on the percentage scale to achieve the exact width/height.

  4. Is there a way to "average" CMYK or RGB color values? For instance, after creating a linear gradient, I'm trying to get the value for the color in the middle of the gradient. I'm thinking there has to be some sort of equation or program for getting such a value, but my search hasn't turned up anything. Thanks in advance.

  5. 3. On the duplicate text object, with the text tool, highlight the text completely. Retype the text to what you want the bottom half to read. Click and drag the text cursor "I-beam" toward the inside of the circle using the solid selection arrow. Your text will flip inside. The selection can be a bit touchy, so keep trying.

    I think I'm lost at this step... do you mean the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow?) Everytime I try to do it with this, it just moves the text the same way that the black arrow would.

    Also, just to further clarify what I'm trying to do is the same effect as "REPRESENTATIVES" in this logo... I've already gotten the "U.S. HOUSE OF" part down:


  6. In regards to the Path Type tool question that I posted last week - the answer was half of what I was looking for. I think the first article that joel_fiasco posted addressed my 2nd question, but the image links on the article were broken so I couldn't really follow what the author was saying. (Plus it was from 1999 and written for a Mac user.)

    How can you change the text with the Path Type tool so that the TOP of the letters follow the path, rather than the bottom of the letters following the path? I need to have two phrases following a circle path, with the first phrase on the top of the circle and the second phrase on the bottom of the circle, but I don't want the second phrase to appear upside-down. Thanks!

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