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  1. But for the intervention of a publicity director, you would have seen that uniform 80 games a season, in all American League ballparks save one. The Yankees almost adopted it (with their "NY" logo over the heart) as their road uniform in the 1970s. Is this Sox one supposed to be navy? It seems lighter than that (I'm assuming the one the Yanks were considering would've been navy). I was at this game. The Sox jerseys were dark navy. The photos make them look brighter than they were. Further, the Detroit Stars jerseys were more cream than these photos show.
  2. They were used in 1994, the first year with that look. Both road caps were used, although I don't know if there was any particular reason why. The next year the D-Tiger road cap was the only one used. The plain orange D cap worn by Costner in that photo was the original road cap, as introduced over the winter, prior to the 1994 season. As the season approached, it was announced that they wanted the cap to instead feature the new prowling tiger logo. However, they wore the plain D for roughly the first month of the season before permanently switching to the prowling tiger logo. The two versions of the story I heard at the time as to why were: (1) They needed to sell through enough of the original caps before switching to a new one. (2) They just couldn't get them manufactured in time for the season's start given the last-minute decision to switch. Number 2 sounds more likely to me, but these things were far more arbitrary back then, so who knows?
  3. Technically, the purple jerseys have not been retired. The word I got from someone in the FO when I asked him about it was that there were "no current plans to wear them", but they are still a choice for the team to wear. I don't believe that is an "official" cap, unless it's being added into the cap rotation for next year. Might be a fashion-type cap? That is the official purple alternate. It's not so much a "black line across the brim" as it is black underneath that rolls up around the edges of the brim. Remember, prior to 2007, when this cap was first issued, the standard visor was grey underneath, so for the Rockies to use black and have it come up the sides like that was fairly unique.
  4. This is great work. Thanks again.
  5. A few very, very nit-picky additions: 1. The Tigers road cap between the 1994 orange-billed monstrosity and the 1970's white-outlined D looked like the current road, but had a navy button (the present cap's button is orange). 2. Similarly, the Mets primary blue cap switched from a blue button to an orange button in 1997 when the white cap was introduced. 3. The first year the Cardinals had the Sunday alternate bird cap, the beak was red (there's a recent thread about this elsewhere in the forum right now). Thanks for putting this together--terrific work!
  6. Also, no "F" logo on the sleeve. The evolution towards the Miami Marlins continues.
  7. I saw the Tigers 2011 jackets in the Comerica Park shop last weekend. This is definitely the new design. Gone (thank goodness) are the rubber logos of the last design. The double collar is interesting. The sleeve cuffs are ... interesting.
  8. It has? I respectfully disagree. Maybin is back in the minors (again). Miller has been roughed up early and often (though pitching well recently). De La Cruz was traded to the Padres for a player to be named. Badenhop hasn't done anything with his cups of coffee in the majors. Rabelo has been hurt and hasn't played this year. Trahern hasn't yet reached the majors. Miguel Cabrera won the A.L. HR title last year and has had a terrific first half so far this year (though slowed of late by a bad hamstring). Willis has indeed been awful--and it's sad to see--but the real crime wasn't gambling on Willis in the trade, it was foolishly throwing a huge contract extension his way without seeing him pitch. Maybin and Miller may well still turn out to be terrific players. Maybin especially. They're both young and talented. But to say the trade has "worked out" for the Marlins is a stretch considering they've gotten no real return on ANY of the six players they received--thus far. By the way, the throwback uniforms were shockingly accurate and cool to see.
  9. Thank God. Please let it be red, white and blue like the good ol' days.
  10. I can't offer proof either, but I'm extremely confident this is exactly correct. They were worn in 1995 at least once, and they had no names on the back. I remember it as a Sunday afternoon game. Also, in regards to the earlier statement about them wearing them with pinstripe pants: that was the original plan when the alts were announced in the pre-season. In fact, I have a baseball card somewhere of a Tiger pitcher wearing the alt. with pinstripe pants. However, I'm positive that afternoon I saw the Tigers take the field in these alts, they were wearing their regular home pants.
  11. Ever since acquiring Mark Okkonen's Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century, I have tried to keep up with my own "appendix" of uniform changes from 1994 to present. In the mid 90's I made hand-drawn sketches as I saw the uniforms in magazines and/or on TV. My sketch has navy numbers on the front of the jersey. It seems to make sense in a weird way, too: white script, blue numbers on the red alt.; white script red numbers on the navy alt. Now, that's in NO way definitive, and I certainly don't guarantee its accuracy. I'm mentioning this because I wonder if Pantone is correct and there was a change from the graphic, and even the picture on the schedule from what was actually worn during a game. Can anybody definitively say they did use white numbers on the front of the red jersey? Thanks!
  12. I found the baseball card I mentioned and scanned it. Here it is: As I said before, this shows the pinstriped pants, but I don't believe the Tigers ever wore those in a regular season game. I'm only sure that they wore the jersey. -- Dave
  13. Actually, in 1995, the Detroit Tigers had an alternate jersey. Here's a pic: They wore this at home only once that I know for certain. They may have worn it more than that, but I'm a diehard Tiger fan and I only ever saw it one Sunday afternoon--I can't imagine it was worn much more than that one time! Edit: Could someone with MLB Style Guide access help me on this one.... Something tells me this jersey was similar to the recent Dodgers alternate in that it was officially the team's alternate for more than one year, but unworn. I think it was officially still around in 1996, and maybe 1997. I'd love some confirmation of this. Further, I also seem to remember the Tigers were originally planning to wear this jersey with pinstriped pants. I have a baseball card of a Tiger pitcher wearing this top with pinstriped pants, but my suspicion is that the photo was taken in Spring Training, the minor leagues or somewhere other than a MLB park in a regular season game. As for the Sunday afternoon game in 1995 I mentioned above, I seem to remember the Tigers wearing their normal pants. Again, any info on this would be much appreciated! -- Dave
  14. I don't think the blue is an alternate. I believe it's the BP jersey. The alternate is the home vest with red sleeves and cap. Still, I agree: as nice as the home and road jerseys are, the BP is pretty awful.