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  1. well, i'm not shocked that the cards (my fav. team) are this far knew someday eveything would click good time too..if they go on and win the super bowl first nfl championship since 1947-48
  2. I liked the original as well. The update is better but I think there is just too much white on the home. Overall its a very good concept for the Hurricanes. Still, me personally would do something about the white maybe change it to black and have the stripe across the shoulder be white but thats just me.
  3. thanks for the comments so far, i did a little modifying to the home and away, home added white stripes, on the away changed it to a "silver" shoulder piping with blue so here it is Updated Home Updated Away
  4. So, its been awhile since I've done a hockey concept and I figured who better then the Vancouver Canucks. I like most people was really disappointed with what the Canucks did for their new jerseys. Also the whale logo they've been using I have never really been a fan of so I figured it was time to change that. Heres what I came up with. C+C is welcome, also so are suggestions on how to improve the concept. Home Away Alternative
  5. This site I've known about for a while now. It is one the best vectoring sites out there.
  6. i like it, the shoulder piping i like the most its well executed on the jersey, good job keep up the good work
  7. can i get an arizona cardinals one and also the template my e-mail is, thanks in advance
  8. looking very impressive, good job, wondering if that template will ever be available
  9. can i get a buffalo sabres one and a arizona cardinals one, thanks in advance
  10. i like em for what they do on the field also i'm more of a small school type of fan and a couple years ago i was watching a troy game and just loved what the team was, overall they are probably one of the better teams in the ncaa but of course don't get the respect from the media cuz of their conference and all this year proves it even more with what we are doing in the sun belt
  11. changed the font and modified the collar edit with the sleeves i am working on putting the logo on there but just isn't working properly but i am gonna keep trying to get it right
  12. its been awhile since i've done anything concept jersey wise, heres something i did for the troy trojans (my favorite ncaa team) its simple might end up modifying this in the future, c+c welcome (i'm expecting some bad ones)
  13. Sabre Hawk

    TBS Graphics

    when ya get the chance how bout one for the buffalo sabres and arizona cardinals
  14. Oz, I just got a call for you from the Green Bay Anti-Defamation League -- they said something about boiling you in hot cheddar... I told them you were out. Thought I'd let you know. I would like to formally apologize to the people of Green Bay,WI for the insensitive comments i made about their great city and community. great city and community, *falls on the floor in laughter*, i lived there for 18 years and god thats the first time i have heard it be called that but on topic here sucks to see the team go, who knows maybe this will open up the possibility of a expansion team, *coughs* green bay (the afl2 team is doing fairly decent in this area) or they could bring back an old franchise as an expansion (like what the nfl did with the browns) couple teams i'll throw out there, toronto phantoms, iowa barnstormers, and carolina cobras, just some thoughts
  15. well heres my next one, used the old la kings logo for this cuz i thought it worked the best, i think it turned out well, i'll do more for this one, couple alts and maybe a whole new set