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  1. These are terrible. They should have left off the truncated stripes and for the love of all good, please use grey pants at home.
  2. And... they still screw it up. This is the worst possible way to do this. There is nothing about this set that is redeemable. Either S":) or get off the pot.
  3. 13-3. The most awesome Super Bowl, ever. Why? Because the Patriots won another one!
  4. The best part? The Patriots won another Super Bowl! The best 13-3 game I have ever seen in my 53 years on this rock. Let's do it again, next year! Good job, Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots! Or, as Vet would say, SBCNEP.
  5. I like it. The gold is a nice way to separate them from all the other navy/red teams. I just wish they would using matching shades of gold on the embroidered parts and tackle twill.
  6. Maybe they should try to get the rights to "Black Knights", Vegas Black Knights, baby!
  7. I love those jackets. If I have a quibble, it's the traditional stripes on the sleeves. I think they would look nicer without them.
  8. The Denver Bears had a lower case "db" hat logo and lowercase "bears" on their jerseys in the early '80's.
  9. Guys, I appreciate the discussion about the Revolution logo I did 10 years ago. There are valid points being discussed, for sure. I, for one, don't like the new FC Cincinnati crest at all.
  10. Thank you, BiB. I know you've always been a fan of this one. I appreciate the comments.
  11. That new shade of red could be Pantone Red 032C.
  12. Yes, I am. And the Packers, and the Giants. And now, the Iggles. I carry the weight of my grudges very well, thank you. I think I'll hold on to them for a little longer.
  13. Just a sour Patriots fan. It has nothing to do with those idiot Vikings. Never have been, never will be a Vikings fan. I have been a Patriots fan since 1976. I just hold a grudge against every team that beats the Patriots in a Super Bowl. So, the Iggles are part of that now. No big deal.
  14. Well, to be fair, the Eagles organization is a joke, so this dumb@ss statue fits right in.
  15. At the very least, I can take comfort in the knowledge that my skills haven't diminished over the years.
  16. The expansion Whitecaps unveiled their new logo yesterday and while I like the idea, the execution is very poor. So I played around with a few ideas and this is the one I am most happy with. As usual, any thoughts and comments are welcome but this was more to get it out of my system than anything. I just used the old Lighting sweaters as a starting point. I may follow up on this later.
  17. I think the idea is good but the execution is horrible. I took a look at MStyle's webpage and their other work is far superior to this. Did an unpaid intern get this project? The transition from the right side of the wave to meet the circle is absolutely atrocious. I wish someone would have paid more attention to the minor details because there is a lot of excitement for this team, especially entering their first season in the NWHL. This could be a great crest with a few tweaks and major adjustments. As it is, it's just sad.
  18. Seriously, what is that?
  19. I assume it's intentional since they no longer have green in the colour scheme.
  20. I wasn't being passive aggressive. I was giving you advice to take to heart. You should try to hone your craft, behind the scenes before coming here with all the bombast and bad designs. That's all I have to say.
  21. And... he's back! "Quick concepts" don't fly here. You don't have the money for Photoshop or Illustrator? Gimp and Inkscape are free. You should download them both, work with them for a few years and come back with some serious designs. Your reaction to serious critique of your "designs" shows you are not ready for the world of design.
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