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  1. I haven't posted in years (although I often stop by and lurk), but since the Rams have always been one of my favorite teams I felt I had to register my opinion. These new uniforms are heartbreakingly awful. Gradient numerals. Grey road set. No yellow jersey. Generic rounded font (I prefer some form of block). Worst of all, the notorious segmented horn. At least the brighter blue of the helmet looks good, but that's about the only positive comment I can make. A definite and lamentable downgrade.
  2. I'd have no problems with a 50s inspired look for the Rams, although, sadly, we'd lose the sleeve stripes and oversized numerals. Ideally, they would be allowed to wear yellow jerseys in place of white on the road, but more likely they would wear blue at home, white on the road, and yellow as an alternate. Both white and yellow pants could be used, possibly even blue ones. Just return to the old royal and gold, and I'll be happy.
  3. If in fact the Rams are listening to the fans, then royal-and-yellow will return full time when the new uniforms are unveiled. (I'd be fine with a blue-and-white alternate.) In the meantime, I might very well avoid watching any Ram games other than the throwback and color rush outings. The current primaries are just too painful to look at for an extended period.
  4. The Rams won't move into their new stadium until 2020. So, I guess another three years of these navy and white unis. Great.
  5. When I was kid and first getting interested in the NFL, I was drawn to the LA Rams due to their unis, especially the helmets. I'd never been to California, and had no reason to root for them otherwise. I still follow them to a degree and am wondering that if they have success with this year's all-white, they'll never bring back the royal and yellow. Those unis were the main reason I ever cared about the team.
  6. I don't have a formal Top Ten list in my head, but these are some of my favorites: The 1973-74 LA Rams. Although they wore essentially the same unis through 1999, there were tweaks along the way. My favorite version is the first one, with the block numerals. The photo here shows a jersey never worn in the regular season, but was worn in a few preseason games. One rumor I heard was that the white outline made the jersey too similar to the Chargers, so they changed it. 1960s Denver Broncos. Sadly, they eventually gave up on the orange road pants, and I don't like the all-white unis as much. Not colorful enough. I also love the Chargers set in this photo (see below). Late 60s/early 70s Chargers (with yellow pants). These uniforms also went through some tweaks along the way. In this photo (1972), the blue has darkened but not all the way to royal yet. Points off for not having the lightning bolt on the pants. 1960s/70s Dallas Cowboys. Especially the blue jerseys. 1960s Oakland Raiders. Loved the silver numerals on the white jerseys. Late 60s Minnesota Vikings. I also like the blue and white Rams unis shown here, but they aren't in my top ten. 1970s/early 80s Philadelphia Eagles. 1971 Washington Redskins. I also like the earlier burgundy spear helmet, but somehow the uniform looks more balanced with a yellow one. Late 60s Houston Oilers. The red, silver, and Columbia blue look great together. Late 60s/early 70s New Orleans Saints. Honorable mentions: early 2000s Tampa Bay Bucs, Brian Sipe era Cleveland Browns (with orange pants), current NY Giants (very close to 60s version), 70s Seattle Seahawks, 90s Jacksonville Jaguars.
  7. I always liked Stabler's helmet and face mask. The Namath one is also interesting, but would look better if there wasn't a gap between the face mask and the horns.
  8. I love the purple jerseys as well, but some fans associate them with losing. (They wore purple at home during the Archer/Hallman years.) I also wouldn't mind the return of yellow jerseys, similar to what they wore occasionally when DiNardo was coach, but I doubt we'll ever see those again. If we do, I hope they have shoulder stripes this time.
  9. I think they look okay. I'm fine with monochrome in general, as long as it's used to break up the usual look. Seattle's all-blue wears thin for me because they nearly always use that look at home. Variety is a good thing.
  10. Last season, LSU wore purple twice (Idaho, Towson) and white for the other two non-conference games (North Texas: home opener; Washington: big TV game). This year purple is likely for Kent State and Furman.
  11. I get the impression that Demoff wants dark blue and white but realizes the fans would prefer royal and yellow. Ideally, we would get a brighter color scheme for the primaries (not necessarily the '73-'99 look but something similar) and perhaps the Fearsome Foursome unis for throwbacks.
  12. I'll play along... (Don't know why one of them is wearing a Y.)
  13. At least it appears that they'll be wearing white shoes. Always a good thing (in my opinion), but especially with these unis.
  14. Having the "sails" only on the left numeral is a little weird, but I like the set overall. A solid B+.
  15. Personally, I like the bright yellow-gold that the Chargers (and Rams) used to wear, even with white helmets. I'm happy that Washington brought back the yellow pants. From what I can tell, the consensus nowadays seems to be that such bright colors look better on college teams, and that the NFL is better suited to more muted shades.
  16. That LSU rumor seems to have started from this article not directly from anyone at the university. The writer does make some good points, however.
  17. I was reading comments on another site concerning the possible uniform change for the Rams, and several of the posters mentioned how "iconic" the blue and whites are. That's not the first time I've heard/read that, and it strikes me as odd, given that the Rams wore that color combo for only nine of the seventy-five or so years of the franchise's history (1964-72). Other than those seasons, some version of gold has always been included in their uniforms (except for the first few years in Cleveland) . I guess "iconic" depends on when you grew up.
  18. I always thought the tiger eye would make sense as an alternate/new helmet logo. It's been used on the field for decades. Breaking out new uniforms for Idaho, a game that will see little TV coverage, doesn't seem like the best idea, though.
  19. LSU usually wears white for home openers, whether it's a non-conference game or not. So, it was white for North Texas last week. I'm not sure why the Tigers didn't wear purple for Washington, but they tend to wear white in major games (such as against VA Tech in 2007). I suspect purple will return for Idaho and Towson. In other words, while it's been customary to wear purple for non-conference games since the Saban era, but they haven't been consistent about it.
  20. I was always under the impression that the white jersey was the home jersey and, for all intents and purposes, the away jersey as well. Didn't I read that they hardly ever wore the blue jersey? Right. About the only time the 60s Rams wore blue was at Dallas. Otherwise, it was all white all the time. They did wear blue for some home games in 1972, but that was the last year for those unis. Since the official colors of the team always remained royal blue and gold, I never liked the blue and white set. I would only want to see them again as occasional throwbacks (if at all).
  21. imo they should use this version of mike on the helmet: If LSU quietly replaced the current logo with that cleaned-up version, most fans wouldn't even notice. Changing the letters would be more obvious, and those need to be tweaked as well. (Or you could use a larger Tiger head with no "LSU" above it. Many teams have helmets without the school name in the logo.) In any case, small changes would probably not cause a major riot.
  22. I agree about tweaking the Tiger head on the LSU helmet, but not replacing it with the Toonces logo. Below is a modified Tiger that I've seen on various t-shirts. There are other versions floating around as well.
  23. LSU football: The infamous purple pants. Worn only once. Few photos exist. I'm not opposed to gold jerseys; they would look great with purple/white/purple shoulder stripes. They also look better with white helmets. This set was not well thought out.
  24. I hope the new Rams alternate is not a blue and white 60s throwback. I know some people are in love with those, but I never cared for them. Preferably, the alternate should be something new that incorporates the royal blue and gold of the present alternates with a more modern template. (Although, personally, I have no problem with the 90s look.)
  25. You have an official link to this? Apparently it's true. (The radio mention anyway.)