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  1. Good to see Arkansas finally ditched the colored side panels on their uniforms.
  2. Bucs wore red jerseys and lost to the Chiefs at home earlier this season. That might be another reason they opted for white.
  3. Given the Chiefs beat the Bucs in Tampa with the Bucs wearing red at home, it would not surprise me to see the Bucs opt for white jerseys. The Bucs are 5-0 in white jerseys and pewter pants this season.
  4. No. That was a BS, Nike-esque narrative/story concocted by their huckster owner to mask the fact he changed the team's colors to be closer to his trucking company's red and black colors. Drayton McLane was, is, and always will be a con artist, and it was a great day when he sold the team. I'm not a fan of the Astros current home wordmark, but the road wordmark is pretty close to previous road sets. Overall, I'm satisified, given they're are back in rightful navy and orange colors and with the H star.
  5. I lived in Atlanta. I disagree strongly with this paragraph.
  6. I always liked the Chargers in the royal blue jerseys/yellow pants, and I didn't like they wore white jerseys at home during that 1978-83 era. As a rule, I'm not a fan of football teams wearing white jerseys at home, and that includes my alma mater, LSU. But variety of opinions is a good thing so I can understand your desire to see them in white at home. I always thought I had good eyes as a kid. But I always thought that Chargers royal blue was purple growing up until later realizing that my eyes had just been playing tricks on me. Maybe it was because I saw those blue jerseys so infrequently. Maybe because it was the desire I had to see them in dark jerseys and because I also wished LSU wore their purple jerseys more often. Had the Chargers played the Vikings more often, I probably would have noticed that the Chargers' "purple" was actually blue.
  7. But if you continue to wear alternates, especially bad ones, they take away opportunities to wear your better uniforms. Why wear an inferior choice when there are better choices? Therefore, the alts should be included in the evaluation and graded accordingly.
  8. I like the Chargers' yellow pants, and I'm glad they're back. Hopefully, they're used a bunch. I also liked the Fouts era blue, but there's no reason for a set with that color nor is there a reason for an all-navy set other than merchandise sales. You only get 16 games, and you take away from what should be your best uniforms when you start working in color rush and alternate sets. The Chargers did the right thing by dropping navy as the primary, and they should ditch it for good. And while I love powder blue jerseys, I don't understand the fuss for powder blue pants. This is not '70s baseball, and the Chargers are not the University of North Carolina.
  9. 1. Chargers 2. Browns 3. Colts 4. Patriots 5. Bucs 6. Falcons Based on the logo, I suspect the Rams will slot in between the Bucs and the Falcons.
  10. I like they went back to old-style serif numbers.
  11. A&M's problem on the current uniforms is not the stripes. I love that feature because it's a throwback to the '70s. The beveled fonts on the helmet logo and the jersey wordmark are the issue. The beveled fonts need to go ASAP.
  12. I'm a Saints fan who think the Saints wear all-black way too much. And that's pretty much all they wore last year. They wore the gold pants once in LA and lost. What's worse is they broke out the stripeless white diaper pants with the white jerseys. The all-white non-Color Rush uniform is even worse than the all-black. So the Falcons all-black will no doubt look terrible. I'll give them this: At least they put a stripe on the pants. That's more than I can say for the Saints.
  13. That explains a lot as to why this is such a cluster.
  14. That's where we are with most sports uniform design in 2020. The throwback element is usually the best part of any new uniform set. Not surprised the Falcons came up with this crap. They're better than the last set. Low bar to cross, and that's about the best you can say about it. Shadowed numbers? Gradients? Side jersey stripes? Really? I'm also ready for the matte helmet fascination to go away in all sports.
  15. Because Arthur Blank would be dumb enough to take players’ input on design most seriously. I would never listen to players about coaches (that’s how an interim head coach usually becomes head coach and most of the time fails miserably), and I would never take them seriously about uniform design. Typical Falcons.