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  1. Would you really want to embrace too much gold if you're the Falcons? The Saints, your biggest rivals, use black and gold and both have almost equal stature (helmet is gold, color jerseys are black).  If you feature gold too prominently and keep black, you start to resemble their color scheme.

  2. On 1/5/2020 at 5:23 PM, Tru3 said:


    I grew up with the falcons as more of a black team, but seeing these more often, I could get behind a general update of this color palette, though I'd suspect they stick to more black, with an alternate jersey and the main pants being black. 

    I'm older, and the Falcons were a red team for me. But I like the original Falcons home uniform set with the red helmets and black jerseys. I could get behind that. I think they're better without gray/silver.


    I could even stand the current numbers. Just get rid of the rest of the uniform.

  3. Quote

    but from what I understand Nike has trouble making that color

    I'm not doubting you when I say what I'm about to say so please don't take this as me criticizing you.


    But that is a lame excuse, especially for a billion-dollar company like Nike. They should do better with their work.

  4. Quote

    Saints in all-black are awesome, in part because they've been doing it for so long. 

    This Saints fan vehemently disagrees about the all black.


    The Saints badly need a uniform overhaul. They need to go back to the original shade of gold, go back to the original fleur-de-lis instead of the current over-outlined mess that's on their helmets and jersey sleeves, and never wear black pants with black jerseys ever again.


    And for God's sake, pick a striping pattern for their pants and stick with it for all sets of pants. The gold pants have a solid black stripe, the Color Rush pants have a three-stripe pattern, and the black and white sets of pants have no stripes. Follow the Color Rush example and make that happen on all sets of pants. Put some a striping pattern on the sleeves of jerseys and make this damn uniform set look cohesive instead of something that has morphed into a giant mess one piece at a time over the last 10-15 years.


    The new solid white pants look like practice pants that were bought at a pee wee football team's liquidation sale. Burn those things.

  5. 19 hours ago, NFLfan10 said:

    Saints will once again be in their super cool plain white uniforms from the shoulders down. Absolutely embarrassing that this is becoming their standard road look.

    I agree. If they're gonna wear white pants, wear the color rush white pants with the stripe. They look like they're ready for a training camp practice session.


    The Saints really need a redesign. Not sure whether it was their decision or Nike's, but the the gold became khaki around the time Nike took over the NFL contract. They need to go back to the original shade of Saints gold or even something pre-2012. Then they need to get rid of the extra outlines around the fleur-de-lis (it needs one outline, period). And they need every set of pants in their wardrobe to have some sort of stripe on it.

  6. I love the Saints, but they need to blow up their uniform set and start over. The gold needs to revert back to the original gold, standardize as much as possible across numbers, pants and helmets. Pick one pair of pants (gold) and stick with it. Make the Color Rush jerseys their white jersey, build a black jersey off that and burn the stripeless black pants and white pants so that we never see them ever again.

  7. On 10/16/2019 at 1:44 PM, NicDB said:


    Maybe it's more correct to say the Rangers have benefitted from the Astros switch. But it's not as if the Astros weren't on an island in the NL Central. Frankly, the point you raised still supports my own.... that baseball is better off with teams playing closer together.

    When the Astros were in the NL Central, they were with three other teams in the Central time zone, and the other two teams were in the Eastern time zone. It's easier to watch a game that starts at 6 p.m. Central time (the time most games played in Eastern time zone start) than games that start at 9 p.m. Central time (the time most games played in Pacific time zone start).


    I'm sorry, but when a team triples the amount of games it plays in a time zone two hours behind the one where the majority of its fans reside, it's not an improvement for the fans of that franchise. I don't really care about what's good for baseball when the team I care about is playing 17-20 road games per year at 9 p.m. back home. Throw in the fact that I enjoyed the Astros playing the Reds, Cubs and Cardinals more than I enjoy them playing the Angels, Mariners and A's. If the Astros had to move West (again, not ideal), I would have preferred they stay in the NL. At least then, they would have been playing the Dodgers, Padres and Giants. 


    I don't even care about some supposed rivalry with the Rangers. Both teams have to be good for that to matter in a state where football reigns supreme. Both teams have been good once in the same season (the Rangers were the better team from 2013 to '16, the Astros from '17 to present). 


    But I'm an old guy who misses the playoffs consisting of only division winners and who doesn't like the designated hitter. So don't mind me.

  8. 11 hours ago, itsmb8 said:


    I doubt it.  The Astros wore that cap on September 27th, and dont trust the playoffs as any indication on future uniform changes/trends.

    They didn't wear the orange-billed cap as much this year, and they didn't wear the orange cap with the blue bill at all. The orange-billed cap was worn occasionally on the road (it was the cap they wore most of the time on the road before this year), and it was also used with the navy jerseys for Sunday home games.

  9. On 10/14/2019 at 11:38 AM, NicDB said:


    It's only the Braves who have a somewhat plausible claim on Nashville... somewhat being the operative word.


    But we've seen with the Brewers and Astros switching leagues and being closer to rival cities that it actually helps baseball to have teams closer together. Not spread out.


    It may help the Brewers from a travel and fan standpoint. The Astros are now close to one divisional foe with the other three division teams halfway across the country on the West Coast. A third of their road games start two hours later than the normal Central starting time for their home games. As a fan, it's not convenient to watch 20+ games with a 9 p.m. first pitch, especially on a weeknight. Not sure how that helps baseball, especially with a non-existent rivalry with the Rangers. Both teams have only been good together once in seven years.

  10. I am a Saints fan. As a general rule for most football teams, I don't like white jerseys and white pants at the same time. I like the Saints Color Rush outfit, and I thought the CR white pants would be fine with the normal white jersey. After all, the Ravens are essentially wearing their CR purple pants now on occasion with their regular jerseys. And I've never been over the moon for the Saints current gold pants because the pants and helmets don't usually match and the Nike khaki shade of gold they've forced up on the Saints doesn't leave enough contrast to the white jerseys. It leaves a gold/white/gold combo that looks too bland because the gold is too bland. But the plain white Saints pants need to be burned. They have the same problem the black pants have -- no stripe. I hate football pants with no stripes. They always look like just a pair of practice pants.


    The Saints need a uniform overhaul. They need to go back to the original shade of gold. At that point, I'd be fine with any rotation of white, black or gold pants as long as they have three stripes on them and the middle stripe is white (or gold on the white pants), which the Saints have had at various points of their history. The current jerseys are OK and would work fine, but it would be better if they went back to the original Saints jerseys with serif numbers and sleeve stripes. 

  11. 7 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    LSU going white/purple/white for the second week in a row, this time on the road at Vanderbilt:

    Love LSU in purple jerseys. Hate them in white helmets and white pants. As an alum, I just want to see the yellow (it's not a true gold) helmet and yellow pants, whether it's with white or purple jerseys. We don't need alternate helmets and alternate pants.



  12. 58 minutes ago, leopard88 said:


    Is this really tan or is it just grey that appears to have a brown tint as a result of the pinstripes?  I've always assumed those uniforms were grey.


    I've been trying to find side-by-side comparisons to a grey uniform, but haven't had much luck.  The best I have been able to find are some NL All Star team photos. Unfortunately, they are all pretty small and/or of poor quality.


    In this one, the Padres uniforms mostly look to be the same color as the grey uniforms (see Steve Garvey on the bottom right and Gary Templeton (?) on the bottom left, who are both next to Cardinals players).



    I think the Padres uniform in that All-Star picture is much lighter than the Cards' gray and the Mets' gray. It's really noticeable on the left side of that photo.


    And the Padres jersey in the auction photo looks like a shade of brown more than it does a shade of gray. I see it as being tan.

  13. Have you been to Houston or Dallas in the summer? Houston is mired in humidity all summer with pop-up showers at a moment's notice on a routine basis. The Dallas area is more of a dry heat, but it is still hot. It's not an low-80s hot that some northeasterners think is hell. It's a solid low-to-mid 90s hot every day from at least mid-May into early September. Houston's temperatures are a tick lower but are usually anywhere from 89-93 on a daily basis with a heat index of 98-100.


    Read more about the Colt .45s adventures playing in an outdoor stadium for three years, and you'll understand why the Astros play indoors most of the time. I'm amazed it took the Rangers almost 50 years to finally realize, oh, hey, we maybe should have a stadium that has a roof.

  14. Quote

    See personally I don't see why there should be any issues with the Texans making this their color rush


    I think this statement short-changes the nasty sentiment between Bud Adams and the fans of Houston that existed when the Oilers left. Adams was vilified in Houston for years before he left town, and I think his mere presence is a big reason why Houston wouldn't vote for a new stadium before the Oilers left. And I'm not sticking up for Adams because I think the fans of Houston were justified in any bad feelings they had for Adams. He demanded the Astrodome scoreboard be torn down for football seats in 1988 or he would move the team to Jacksonville. The Dome got renovated (completely stripped of character once the scoreboard was replaced), and then Adams started squawking about needing a new stadium. He was persona non grata by Houston fans by the mid-90s.


    I don't know how his family feels about how Adams was treated and whether they feel like he brought a lot of that on himself (he did). But based on his daughter's brief and blunt comment that included a "no" when she was asked about the Texans wearing Oilers colors, I think it's safe to say there is still some bad blood there. And that's why I'm not surprised the Titans would have issues with the Texans wearing OIlers colors.