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  1. I like both concepts a lot. The kid in me LOVES the old-school shooting star design, though I would prefer not to have two-toned caps. The second design is cool because of the futuristic-looking font and the alternate jerseys. Great job by both of you!
  2. Swisher, you make sense -- uniforms fit the stadium. That said, they're not the Astros with the current color scheme. I like the pics you posted and would love to see them go back to that. Furthermore, I also agree with you that I'd like for their offense to come out of the witness protection program. Thirteen runs on a seven-game road trip won't cut it.
  3. Well, navy blue and orange were the Astros' primary colors for the franchise's first 32 seasons of existence, rainbow uniforms not withstanding. But two major changes in a six-year period (navy and gold in 1994; black, brick and sand in 2000) mucked that up. As a lifelong fan, I think what they have now is OK, but it's not the Astros. They should go back to navy blue and orange, more like the shooting star era. Would have to have a slightly different logo, since they don't play in the Astrodome. But I'm probably in the minority on that.
  4. Someone should tell the writer of the article that the Astros NEVER had cursive lettering until they began wearing the current uniform set in 2000. In the "Joe Morgan" days, the Astros had block lettering (shooting star at home). Even when they were the Colt .45s, the lettering was block. When they moved to the rainbow set in 1975, the letters were small-type, but not cursive. The first open-ended star design from 1994-99 had block lettering. If the guy wants to rip on the Astros and their multiple uniform designs (an easy, but justifiable target), that's fine. But he should get his facts straight (such as knowing the Mets' "second road uniform" he detests is actually the BP jersey).
  5. Dan Reeves wore a dress shirt and tie for at least the first couple of years he was with the Giants (1993-96) and maybe during his whole tenure in NY, which actually began five seasons after Tom Landry was fired.
  6. If the Panthers broke out black pants, then they should be as close to the silver and white pants as possible. As a Saints fan speaking from experience (of course, it was destined to be screwed up because it's the Saints), their black pants of 1999 (black with yellow side stripe) and 2001 and '02 (solid black) looked terrible. Even the mid-'70s/early-to-mid-'80s black pants weren't that great. I agree with the others who said the helmets and pant colors should match when a team has a light-colored helmet. Of course, the Saints can't even get that right with their myriad of different-colored golds. Sheesh...
  7. Actually, the Saints wore white at home in 1967 and '68, so it wasn't just a "Dallas thing." And the Saints have had a few years since where they wore white at home for the entire season, mainly in the early '70s when Tulane Stadium's surface went from grass to turf.
  8. I have no allegiance to or hatred for the Giants. So as an objective observer, I love the return to the '50s white jerseys and pants. I might be in the minority, but I appreciate some retro and that's not a bad thing. I'll take tasteful retro like the Giants over gratuitous side panels or different-colored sleeve colors or nameplates featured by the Bills, Seahawks, Falcons, Broncos, Titans, Texans and Cardinals, just to name a few (stop me before I list half of the NFL). And you can add MLB with its jackets and BP jerseys, and any seemingly other team/university that's modified or redone uniforms in the last seven or eight years. After seeing a lot of recent changes seemingly going in one direction (admittely, one I don't like), it's nice to see something different -- even if that team went back 50 years while keeping a modern tweak or two (ny wordmark on the jersey, for one).
  9. The Dolphins have worn aqua for day regular-season home games in the mid-70s. Some NFL Films footage from around the '73 and '74 seasons back this up (if you ever get a peek at the Super Bowl I-X DVD set, check the season highlight films for the Super Bowls VII and VIII DVD). And I'm not sure, but I believe they were strictly aqua at home for their first few years of existence. But I understand your general point and it will be interesting to see what becomes of the orange alternate.
  10. I prefer the staid, but classy "I've been there before and will be there again" move of rejoicing with teammates only and acting like a civil human being otherwise.
  11. Mightynine, I definitely agree that the black LSU jersey should stay in the mothballs and I'm with you on the dislike of the partyish numbers. Also agree that the Geaux font is pretty sweet. Their road vests have the Geaux lettering and numbering. They should use that as the font for all of the unis.
  12. Speaking as an LSU fan and alum, the Tigers have WAY TOO many baseball uniforms. Why is there a need for two home vest unis (one with pinstripes, one without)? The pinstriped-version has this cursive script that looks like it was done by the sporting goods store down the street. And then they have a solid white, sleeved home uniform, which basically gives them three home uniforms. That doesn't include the fact that they wear a purple alternate top at home on a regular basis. On the road, they have a pinstriped gray vest and a solid sleeved gray outfit. I'd settle for one home white outfit, one gray road outfit, and one alternate jersey. And I wish they'd ditch the Mets-like, black hat with purple bill.
  13. Reportedly, the Astros will have a new BP cap this year, with the jersey sleeve state-of-Texas patch as the logo.
  14. Dallas plays Denver and Kansas City next year as its home AFC opponents. Detroit's non-division NFC home foes are Atlanta, Carolina and an NFC West team that finishes in the same place as the Lions. But traditionally, the Lions have always played a division foe in its year to host an NFC team on Thanksgiving Day (probably N.Y. Giants in the early 80s last time they didn't).
  15. LSU has a yellow they wear home and away from time to time.
  16. Would not be surprised to see Astros in solid white alts Saturday and in the "brick" alt tops Sunday. This has been the pattern at home during the regular season since moving to new ballpark.