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  1. There are coloured versions of these team hats in stores now! Saw them the day before the Cup win. They are the new 2011 Draft Hats! 2011 Draft Stretch Fit Hat
  2. It's been 34 years of watching hockey and it has finally happened! My Bruins have taken home Lord Stanley's Cup in my lifetime! And I got to share the whole thing with my kids, which is the best. Congratulations Boston for winning, the memories and here's to another great run next year! I'm still beside myself, a bit taken back! I was happy, I cried, I laughed, everything about tonight is awesome! Great job guys! Here are a couple widescreen backgrounds to help you cheer on the Bruins! All can be found at the following link: My link
  3. And here I thought 1366x768 was an unusual size...but 800x600?? Don't some cell phones have screens that big now?? lol jk Must be for a netbook or something like that! I mean even the iPads screen is 1024x768!! 1366x768 1280x800
  4. I'll see what I can do for the other sizes requested, and thanx to all for the comments!!
  5. GO-LD CANADA GO-LD!! Woo Hoo!! Congrats to the Canadian Mens and Womens Hockey Teams for bringing it home for us again this year!! Way to go guys!! First off, I'd like to say I am in no way making light of any illness, or anyone who may have any STI's. With that out of the way, I couldn't help myself after seeing this article: Vancouver Medals in Condom Distribution I just had to! I laughed at the thought of the above article, but then realizing this actually happened made me laugh just a bit more! I can see the t-shirts now, "I went to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and All I Got Was This Baggy of Condoms!!" Hilarious!
  6. Noted! Not liking the green...gotcha!! lol
  7. Here are some wallpapers designed of of a Bruins shirt I own. I did the Original Six first and will continue with the rest of the teams in the league soon. Enjoy!!
  8. Pieced together and whatnot from separate photos from the Bruins website. Tried to get them to look as close to each other as possible...the originals were all kinds of different colours and I tried my best to get them to look uniform! Love that jersey! Go B's!! Get It Here
  9. Way too Hamilton Tiger-Cats! Check the CCSL link if you want to compare>>>>My link
  10. New Flyers wallpaper updated and added!
  11. Actually I see it now! Subtle but I see what I missed! Good call!
  12. Define "correct" as all the Flyers logos look the same to me! I looked at the jerseys they released and the logo looks just like the one I used here. Their logo to me doesn't look like it's changed since the 70's to now! But if you can provide me with a vector or whatnot of the logo in question, I'll be happy to do it over again!
  13. Well as is obvious from my name to my avatar, and even my blood (go head...check's Black & Gold really is!!) I'm a huge Bruins fan and can't wait for this years Winter Classic at Fenway! I wish there was some way to get a hold of some tickets for this thing, but they seem to making it damn near impossible for the average person to obtain any for some reason! Anyway, if I can't be there, the TV and making desktop backgrounds for it will have to suffice!! So here they are, two wallpapers for the Winter Classic, jersey style with sewn on logos for each team! The Bruins one has more of a old time sweater pattern to it,(which in hindsight could have been a bit more pronounced, but still looks good) while the Flyers one is pretty much the RBK style pattern they use now! EDIT Just added a new version of the Flyers background with the actual logo they will be using for this years Winter Classic, as opposed to their current logo that was used in the first Flyers one I did! Enjoy! Get the full sized widescreen versions at the link in my signature below!!
  14. Maybe it doesn't work cause the first person to comment on it criticized it by asking for things to be added right off the get go!! Things he probably could have added on his own after DL'ing the template! I know that if i made something up, something that many people had requested "just the way it was", and then some schmuck asked for things to be changed on it, I'd yank it to! Too bad, it's a great template! Some peoples children will never learn to take whats given, they always want more!!
  15. Wow these are nice! I have to agree the third needs to be the same black in the stripes across the chest, but maybe there was a reason you did that...looks wise I mean. Other than that I like the bad someone couldn't save the team like you did their jerseys!! Not that I care though...Go Bruins Go!!
  16. WOW!! Now at least Derek Jeter will have something of a connection or mutual interest in premoting this stuff! Or at least the RE-redesigned one on the "bottom" anyway!! lol
  17. Ahhhhh Capn89....that was just plain awesome! Haven't laughed like that in awhile!!
  18. It's funny that you mentioned this...I talked to Luongo while he was with Lowell. They were in St. John's, to take on the Baby Leafs. He was the back-up that night and the old Memorial Stadium was small so there wasn't even a spot on the bench for the back-up goalie. He had to sit right by the gate in one of the hallways to the dressing rooms, which happened to be right beside my seat. We chatted for pretty much the whole game and I got to walk away with his autograph on my ticket. He's was really friendly and grounded, down to earth and just talked like we had known each other since High School. I hope making it to the bigs hasn't changed any of that! Anyway here's a scan. And it was on one of the commemorative tickets for the last season of Memorial Stadium to boot...which in itself is pretty cool!
  19. My two cents....Boston Rules!! GO BRUINS GO!! Oh and ya, I like the concept!!
  20. Oh's the Torolorato Raptolanche!! I rest my case!!
  21. Screwed up as in wrong...or screwed up as in a messed up way of writing things?? Cause every translation of Sacrifice that I've seen or have actually done has spit out the same way! Screwed up as in any speaker of Russian (which I am not, I just now the rudimentary basics) could tell what you were trying to say, but you used capital letters mid-word. It's like if you wrote it "sAcRIFice" ... I know you were using the English character set for the Cyrillic alphabet, but it's still just...wrong. Hmmm...didn't know, just did it based on how I saw it! Like you said they'd get the point but I'll probably change it cause it will eat at me forever if I don't!!
  22. Screwed up as in wrong...or screwed up as in a messed up way of writing things?? Cause every translation of Sacrifice that I've seen or have actually done has spit out the same way!
  23. Bruins4Life

    Go Pens Go!

    Here are a few wallpapers made for those rooting for the Penguins! Enjoy!
  24. Just follow the link my friend to find anything Hockey Wallpaper related... ...they're all in my gallery!!
  25. Yea that would be great Done and done! Enjoy!