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  1. Everything in these two sentences is incorrect. I was living in St. Louis at the time, so: 1) The Rams didn't come close to following the relocation protocol, on good faith, bad faith, any faith; 2) The NFL did everything possible to poison the St. Louis well; 3) The only feet-to-the-fire the Rams did was the St. Louis region. Had them spend millions on a new facility plan, financing plan, etc. when Kroenke always wanted to own Los Angeles. That's why he opted into taking ownership of the team after Georgia Frontiere passed away. The Rams were almost owned by Shad Khan. When Kroenke exercised his ownership clause, that's when Khan focused on Jacksonville. But the #1 reason why the Rams left? St. Louis was dumb enough to give the team the ability to leave when they agreed to the original TWA Dome/Edward Jones Dome 20-year lease. The Rams simply made a business decision. They didn't do it in the best possible way, but it was available to them, so they did it.
  2. You forgot the registered trademark symbol after "celadon."
  3. And on the South Bend Cubs' front: Looks VERY promising....
  4. So we're talking two different topics here: exclusive vs. on-field. So we're both right.
  5. But it is an official on-field designation.
  6. How does Nike's status as Official Performance Apparel of MLB factor into this US-only equation? I'm looking at my two Cardinals DriFit shirts w/ "Hecho en Mexico" on them.
  7. its like they just took the old helmets and put the decals on those with the chrome face masks switched too.You are exactly right. I wonder what motivated the change. If the Bucs get shutout, you might see the return of the black stripes.
  8. Looks like I now have a collector's item = new Bucs helmet w/ black stripes and black ear hole. I actually liked the randomness of that look.
  9. You tease... Oh! I forgot to mention the giveaway item they had for Wednesday's final game at Greer: A plastic cup that changes color to blue when it gets cold. Loving the cryptic clues, Sounds! I'm throwing cold water on this one too. And I will neither confirm nor deny that I have seen all of the new Sounds' logos.
  10. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the new Nashville look will not have a Brewers-inspired look in 2015. It is very original.