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  1. I don't know if this has been posted yet, but I found this on another forum. It has every single MLB team on it. NL AL
  2. I've been hearing for a while now that all MLB teams will be getting new BP jerseys this upcoming year. I wasn't really sure if this was true until I was listening to WLW here in Cincy and Reds owner Phil Castellini said something about "unveiling new Jerseys at RedsFest". At first I was like dang they just got new jerseys a couple of years ago. But then earlier today when I was reading the reds blog Better off red and Blogger Jamie Ramsey posted some pics of a Drew stubbs at a public outing wearing what I assume is the Reds new BP jersey for this year. But anyway here are some pics. Notice it is a full button up instead of just the two buttons from previous years.
  3. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but the University of Michigan has unveiled the new logo for the rededication of The Big House. This logo is going to be used on the season tickets for this year, and I think the programs as well. As a Wolverine fan I like the logo alot, but I think they should of straightened the "MICHIGAN STADIUM" script/ribbon so that it doesn't look like the left side curves down, but thats just me. Other then that it's a great logo. I just wonder if they have any plans to use it on the field, on the sidelines or somewhere else around the stadium.
  4. 1st off all of these concepts look amazing, keep up the great work. Secondly I would love to see you redesign the Dayton Bombers.
  5. 1st off all of these concepts look amazing, keep up the great work. Secondly I would love to see you redesign the Dayton Bombers.
  6. Today when I went to go buy groceries, I was just going through the beverage section when this caught my eye. An all new Full throttle energy drink can design. To me the new design is just a whole lot more simpler than the old design. NEW: Old:
  7. -Click to Enlarge- Outstanding!!!!
  8. Wow these look amazing. you are doing a great job with these. If I could, can I get one with the Cincinnati Bearcats logo on it with a red background, white glow (1280x800) please
  9. I'm not sure if this had been posted or not but here we go anyway I was at Chipotle the other day with some friends and I noticed there was a new logo on the menu and stuff. Old logo: New logo: personally I like it, it looks alot more professional.
  10. I am watching ESPN and seem as of 3:00pm they have the new bottomline back up and working. I like it alot, its pretty sweet.
  11. no pics yet but for the Bears DL Jarron Gilbert (73) WR Juaquin Iglesias (17) DE Henry Melton (69) CB D.J. Moore (30) WR Johnny Knox (13) LB Marcus Freeman (58) S Al Afalava (46) G Lance Louis (60) WR Derek Kinder (83) also Earl Bennett is switching from #85 to #80
  12. Here is another Sanchez jersey. Not sure what the patch on the front is for? it looks like a 50th anniversary American Football League logo?
  13. cool man thanks alot, my bruce one looks amazing
  14. Wow those are some pretty slick wallpapers. Request Format Size: 1024 x 798 Player(s): Jay Bruce Logo(s): Cincy's new Mr. Red logo Type of Wallpaper: The matt capps one Any other information: Jay Bruce image Mr. Red logo
  15. I found them on the Toledo Mudhens online store, The Swamp shop. They're not bad just get rid of the fish fins on the shoulders.