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  1. this was a joke and rumor that the mets were moving to new jersey. The reason they use the green and white is most jets fans are also met fans and since the jets play in new jersey it added to the joke.
  2. Hey all i just wanted to see if anyone found out are see hidden meanings in team logos that some franchises do for example: the brewers glove and ball logo make a M and B the flacons logo makes a F theres a S and J in the new shark logo and the Oliers side path with the man on it the screwbolts in the logo stand for i beliave cups they win. It always fastinated me when teams do this and i just wanted to hear what ppl found out about certian logos that franchises have done this.
  3. Sadly they saying here i new york last week that the AFL was in big money problems and that the guys who bought the Dragons from Mr Wang are already concedering folding the New York Dragons. DAMN IT i really liked that new Dragon logo too
  4. I thought they blinked green after a tiger hr are at least they use to blink green. I went to a game a few years back and i swore they were blinking green
  5. nyiles39

    MLB 2009

    i cant wait to see what the metciti bank patch is gonna look like
  6. I was cleaning out my basement forgot i had this Its my Bucs baseball jersey(funny thing im a jet fan). I forget when i got this but just thought i would show u guys it.
  7. i feel like im on 26th and broadway in midtown manhatten seeing these bootlegs i love it all the stores in that area had these.
  8. I just saw a picture of the coyotes 3rd jersey it looked like a full body coyote jumping or running on the jersey
  9. being a big sports card collecter i always wanted to know this with so many diffrent card brands giving away game used jersey of players on cards. I thhaught it would be a high number.
  10. I use make list of sports teams in there sports that the nicknames dident end with a s.
  11. Great not only did i get a out of date uniform. The player i got wont be on the team now. You know SPORTSDOCTOR ever since u made this thread i have gotten nothing but bad news THANKS ALOT. lol
  12. No i want Mullin to be the St Johns new mascot. Everytime i see that stupid Hourse mascot at the St Johns games it makes me want to punch kittens.
  13. MAAAN i just got my Church road jersey like 4 months ago. Now i have to get another one. THANKS WHILPON!!!!
  14. Jefferson looks like hes thinking "WHAT THE HELL DID ID DO TO DESERVE THIS!" lol
  15. They should make Chris Gratling the new mascot to replace Thunder. They can have free headband day at least 4 times this year with Gatling coming out at half time and shooting head bands out to the crowd with the big air gun.