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  1. I like the logos posted but surely there is a high res cleaner version of it somewhere. I just can't find it
  2. Just incase anyone want these. Here are the new BCS Logos for the National Championship Game and the Main BCS Logo
  3. Any chance you could share these two helmets with me? I'm dying to try my hand at these! Holy crap they look great!
  4. Ok Im getting on all these right now...
  5. First of all ALL CREDIT TO ECHO! Great job! here is a smaller Alabama version I made using this fantastic design if anyone wants it...
  6. You could at least ease my pain and make one for Alabama. I made one, looks close, I love the design.
  7. man I really love it. great work again. quick question. is there anyway I can get that jersey/mesh pattern you use and where did you get the SEC 75th logo? I cant find it anywhere...
  8. Ok I got my new Mac set up and I'm ready to start these again. I'll get to the latest requests as soon as possible.
  9. I contemplated doing this for a while. Now I think I might. Great job by the way!!
  10. quick update. I just got a new mac. let me transfer some files and what not and I'll jump back on the few I've missed these last few days.
  11. I see. Its just seems a little to much. I'm not sure about everyone else but I can hardly read the text. They do look great though. I'm loving these signatures with a grungy kinda lighting effect to them. Then again I'm about 1 month new to photoshop. Just a hobby.