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  1. Or how about a new trend -- the 10 or so teams who broke out some version of the Tequila Sunrise jersey last year? In 2019, we had: Fayetteville Woodpeckers, Tulsa Drillers, New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Hartford Yard Goats, Everett AquaSox, Reno Aces, Pensacola Blue Wahoos, Mobile BayBears, the Kenosha Kingfish, and two from the Round Rock Express. We also saw the Albuquerque Isotopes give away a purple Rainbow Guts jersey but on a day the team wore their Sunday reds. Adding to the Tequila Sunrise for Tequila Sunrise's sake in 2020 are the Savannah Bananas (a wooden-bat summer league team).
  2. Woof. But seriously, what's next? Aircats? Firefish? Earthkittens?
  3. Best: The Tuscon Padres do a ton of research and break out the 1980 Tuscon Toros diagonal jersey for one game. Color Rush, but when it's kept to Thursday night games. It's a decent concept for the HDTV age. Bethlehem Steel FC revived as the Philadelphia Union's farm team U.S. women's soccer wearing plain white with wide blue trim like it did in 1913 (and 2000-01, by the way) Worst: Weekly college football fashion shows which unfairly put stress on quarterbacks because if they throw to helmets, they'll have to remember a different color every week Ad and logo creep in the NBA family of teams. Soon, it's going to get like Eurobasket Minor-league teams being renamed for one night. Not just food, but things like the Durham Lollygaggers. Minor-league teams with permanent silly names. Yard Goats? Sod Poodles? Trash Pandas?
  4. FYI: I got a phone call from the Bananas organization saying that my order from their team store is coming in a few days. To wit: their Rainbow Guts jersey: Wonder what would happen if Savannah and Peninsula wear their 'Bows in the same game (yeah, I know. It's been a minute since Peninsula wore them).
  5. What we need to do is change club names from SC to FC ....
  6. In FIFA Road to World Cup '98, Argentina's road uniforms are purple instead of navy. I never understood how EA could have made such a fundamental error.
  7. FC Barcelona has had ridiculously-colored "change" strip for years -- yellow, green, pink, light blue, even salmon. Check this Google gallery:
  8. The Peninsula Pilots (Coastal Plain League) appear to have a new alternate navy jersey with an outline of the Commonwealth of Virginia and a large P coming out if it: They had the Tequila Sunrise a few years back, but it seems to have disappeared, even though staff last year wore an interesting cap with the outline of an F-14 filled in with gaudy stripes like that jersey.
  9. So, black with the crummy blue and red raglan sleeves? Why this whole BFBS thing?
  10. So, the women's soccer team is wearing an all-white strip with a plain USA crest at the Olympics. Anyone have an idea about the second jersey?
  11. SportBoys Peru, too. But then again, wait until Breast Cancer Awareness time strikes again ....
  12. Across the pond in the U.K., there are a number of professional soccer teams which are maroon and powder blue, such as Aston Villa, West Ham United, Burnley, and Scunthorpe. Here, there's nobody that uses that color except for the college teams from Delaware State University.
  13. Looks like we're going to rock the red!
  14. I guess tonight we see the Notre Dame greens ... will they be "mint" or "OW MY EYES DIGGER PHELPS" green?
  15. Having been to a number of Freedom and DCU Women matches, I'm really, really not feeling the Washington Spirit identity. Here's why. 1. The logo does not say "Washington" in it; instead you have the letters DC in it. 2. What are the supporters going to do? Dress in saffron and play cymbals and a Japanese taiko drum? And "Spirit" doesn't rhyme with anything. 3. Having sat in the stands for two years of Penn-Jersey Spirit games in the old APSL, it gets really annoying when kids are reduced to shouting "Spi-rit! Spi-rit! Spi-rit!" over and over again like the 20-minute agony at Walt Disney World when all you're hearing is "It's A Small World After All" on infinite loop. 4. And the team is going to be playing summer afternoon games in 95-degree heat in Boyds, Md., a very hard place to get to. 5. I really hope we get Abby Wambach back.