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  1. In FIFA Road to World Cup '98, Argentina's road uniforms are purple instead of navy. I never understood how EA could have made such a fundamental error.
  2. FC Barcelona has had ridiculously-colored "change" strip for years -- yellow, green, pink, light blue, even salmon. Check this Google gallery:
  3. The Peninsula Pilots (Coastal Plain League) appear to have a new alternate navy jersey with an outline of the Commonwealth of Virginia and a large P coming out if it: They had the Tequila Sunrise a few years back, but it seems to have disappeared, even though staff last year wore an interesting cap with the outline of an F-14 filled in with gaudy stripes like that jersey.
  4. So, black with the crummy blue and red raglan sleeves? Why this whole BFBS thing?
  5. So, the women's soccer team is wearing an all-white strip with a plain USA crest at the Olympics. Anyone have an idea about the second jersey?
  6. SportBoys Peru, too. But then again, wait until Breast Cancer Awareness time strikes again ....
  7. Across the pond in the U.K., there are a number of professional soccer teams which are maroon and powder blue, such as Aston Villa, West Ham United, Burnley, and Scunthorpe. Here, there's nobody that uses that color except for the college teams from Delaware State University.
  8. Looks like we're going to rock the red!
  9. I guess tonight we see the Notre Dame greens ... will they be "mint" or "OW MY EYES DIGGER PHELPS" green?
  10. Having been to a number of Freedom and DCU Women matches, I'm really, really not feeling the Washington Spirit identity. Here's why. 1. The logo does not say "Washington" in it; instead you have the letters DC in it. 2. What are the supporters going to do? Dress in saffron and play cymbals and a Japanese taiko drum? And "Spirit" doesn't rhyme with anything. 3. Having sat in the stands for two years of Penn-Jersey Spirit games in the old APSL, it gets really annoying when kids are reduced to shouting "Spi-rit! Spi-rit! Spi-rit!" over and over again like the 20-minute agony at Walt Disney World when all you're hearing is "It's A Small World After All" on infinite loop. 4. And the team is going to be playing summer afternoon games in 95-degree heat in Boyds, Md., a very hard place to get to. 5. I really hope we get Abby Wambach back.
  11. The Midpark Metors, a high-school baseball team:
  12. I thought Brooklyn Knights would have been better ... "Brooklynites."
  13. It turns out the Maryland women's lacrosse team is wearing a variation of them today:!/umterps/status/191194156171927552/photo/1 I think the men's team will have a special jersey for Hopkins this evening.
  14. GO! SEA-HAWKS! No, really. Just go.
  15. Given what Seattle Sounders FC has been wearing recently, for Paul to call the new Hawks' kit "seriously ugly" would have to be a real mindbender.
  16. Aw, heck. Justin Tuck would be a great quotemonger for Steve Sabol!
  17. Usually, the opening week of the 2012 season sees the release of the next America's Game: The Super Bowl Champions, those hour-long documentaries that are, to me, some of NFL Films' best work. The Giants' season, to be frank, is going to be pretty much on the back burner until Week 14 when they were down 12 against the Jets, then won that game and ran the table the rest of the season. I'd love Coughlin to be back in the documentary, but NFL Films typically does not repeat people. My guesses: Victor Cruz Jason Pierre-Paul Ahmad Bradshaw The narration is James Gandolfini (like it was in 2008). Your suggestions?
  18. I'd like my neighbors to the north to go to that uniform design. It is incredibly nice. I can't really complain about American national team designs. The Team USA soccer team kits since about 2003 are nice (though the crest could use some work). The Team USA baseball team has an awesome design. USA Hockey and USA Basketball both have crappy logos, but at least those logos have ceased appearing on the uniforms. I personally think that all Team USA teams should use a touched-up and modernized version of this logo: but that's just my (probably unpopular) opinion. Actually, I think you're going to see something like that this time around ... After what's happened with the soccer and ice hockey teams not being allowed to use their federation wordmarks, I think you're going to see these on a lot more jerseys this time around.
  19. There is something the lords of NCAA Division I men's hockey need to see in this picture: FANS IN THE STANDS!!!! In Arizona!!!
  20. This might be interesting (from Jim Vilk and Tim E. O'Brien at Uniwatch)
  21. I'm surprised nobody made this connection: That's Team America, from the 1980s.
  22. I'd like to see if Nike will offer the shiny silver helmet that was worn by Ohio State last weekend to Detroit, Oakland, Dallas, Carolina, or New England. Or will the NFL nix that on the grounds that they might be too reflective?
  23. The diagonal stripes are reminiscent of the United States kits in the late 1980s. Love the fact that the second-choice kit is green. I didn't like the red, black, or anthracite the Mannschaft, Womannschaft, and the Boyyschaft and Girllschaft were wearing in their international tournaments.
  24. This really isn't "thrift store," but it's a discount-retail item. Some Forman Mills stores in the Northeast U.S. are selling blank Mitchell & Ness jerseys for $6 each. These are double-knit fabrics with the M&N tag and a felt "year" tag like what they have in the stores. Here's what I've seen thus far: Kentucky Colonels San Diego Padres road early 80s Three versions of the Atlanta Braves with blue raglan sleeves from the 1970s Boston Celtics Toronto Blue Jays early 80s Seattle Mariners late 70s or early 80s ... and a white tank with blue and red piping that could be the 1971 or 72 Philadelphia 76ers (the year they actually spelled out Seventy Sixers on the jersey.