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  1. How about this logo? It just needs to be cleaned up a bit but would look good.
  2. Really enjoy your work, can you make time for this one? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks. *I just updated the new logo one final time for now*. New thread will include a 3D version.
  4. It would be hard to find the centering point on the logo when the bottom left is skewered off so far from the rest. The logo wouldn't work in a marketing stand point, could use collectables as a knife. But that's completely off topic.
  5. The NHL Logo looks like it was accidently pasted at that spot. Possibly shrink it and place it under the letter "R" in the word "STAR". Try that and it is a solid concept.
  6. Bravo, looks great! It's simple and has an identity, keep up with the good work.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate it. *Sorry for the low quality of the picture, I'll upgrade to a 3-D version soon*
  8. There are no pupils, it's just the shape of the eye. I thought it made it look more sharp and fierce.
  9. Maybe it's just me but the Ducks logo seems a bit off target. It looks a little too high on the jersey.
  10. I created an Oilers alternate jersey which focuses primarily on the orange rather than the blue. Please let me know what you think and what I could improve on. *For updated jersey, please scroll down to 10th post* ↓
  11. Team Name: Cut Knife Condors Team Colours: Black, Yellow, Green, Orange The logo consists of a Condor with a volleyball etched on it's head. Kept the school colours *black, yellow, green, orange* Tell me what you think, and what I could improve on.
  12. First thoughts on the Kings almost looks like a minor team or AHL jersey.
  13. Looks great! nothing wrong here.