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  1. Soo are you saying that the montorus is a symbol of a falling franchise because it was what part of "my logo" is. Its very hard to make something on paint if you have nothing to start to build off of soo I used the star from the montorus. Don't let it get to you, there will always be naysayers. just keep refining. I like your direction here. the whole "Shooting Star" concept is great.
  2. Not bad at all. Can`t say i`d be enthused to see it used in it`s current form, but it`s still cool to see people think outside the box a little. Shoot me a PM when it`s final, i`d love to toss together a wallpaper using your logo or even the wordmark.
  3. Not bad at all. the chest logo looks a little rough, but other than that it's pretty damn convincing.
  4. There really is no need for requests. If a person has photoshop and illustrator the process (following p.stic tutorial) takes all of an hour.
  5. SupaDawg

    Dallas Stars

    I love the most recent version of this. would you be willing to share a vector of the logo? I'd love to use it on a wallpaper.
  6. Its not photoshop. Its illustrator (10). Leave your email address and I'll send you a vector of one of them (any preferences, or wait til Stars?) BTW what type of assets we talkin here? Holy hell, miss a few days and miss a lot email supadawg-at! (obviously without the garbage characters) The dallas stars one would be fine. As far as assets, just school logos from my school(s) that i'd like to toy with.
  7. SupaDawg

    Jersey Wallpaper

    hey p.stic .. Would it be possible to do one in the style of the new dallas stars home jersey? with the arc'd "DALLAS"? I tried my hand at the tutorial, but i can't find a high res enough version of the logo to make it work. *never mind. I got it if anyone wants it, i posted it here:
  8. I'm pretty sure it did make an appearance up here. Our close proximity to the states usually ensures that we see all the wonderful cola variations from pepsi and coke. vcx, i love those evian bottles. The design just makes sense. They clip to a carabiner really well. Great for short hikes... Nothing the quality of a solid nalgene bottle... but for an off the shelf product they're great.. and yes, the location of the grip is great.
  9. A dallas stars one would be . Could you maybe share the psd? i have some assets that i would love to play with on one of these.
  10. That's what I was going to say. How many people actually hold the bottle down there when they drink from it? I think that most people, including myself, hold the bottle around the label. I have a feeling that this is more for looks though. I think it looks better than what they used to have though. Strange. I just realized the canadian bottles no longer say classic. Otherwise it's pretty much the same bottle.
  11. This is wicked. where the canadian dollar is at this is a steal. I'm gonna get some of these dumped at a friends place stateside and have him ship them up. whooo.