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  1. The Sharks are having a huge clearance sale, doesn't this usually happen before logo changes? https://www.nhl.com/sharks/news/sharks-retail-clearance-sale/c-323651434
  2. Why stop with teams? Put stars on the gloves for each WS the individual player won.
  3. I already have a bunch of posts for Rare Team Matchups in my draft folder.
  4. Diet MD actually has calories in it so I can see Zero taking off and getting replaced as places with limited options.
  5. Would be cool if the circle logo was the one that the player wore
  6. This is a pretty cool logo
  7. This is so bad that people that don't care about uniforms are commenting on how bad it is.
  8. This is better than the Canes third
  9. From: https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_logo_for_tour_de_france.php
  10. These colored field are getting out of hand
  11. Now if they could just make good coffee
  12. The San Jose Sharks had a name the team contest and "Blades" actually won but they were concerned about gang connections so the went the Sharks.
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